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Copart UK – a Fax solution Case Study

August 10, 2011

An Electronic Fax Solution speeds up the processing of large fax volumes

RightFax electronic fax solutions

Eliminate the paper and automate the fax data entry process

  1. Our electronic fax solutions remove paper and stand-alone fax machines from the fax process.
  2. Networked fax, combined with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, removes the paper/fax machines and enables the automatic population of the line-of-business system with all inbound fax data, so you can eliminate manual data entry processes.

Manual fax processes are inefficient

  • Manually processing faxed communications is slow and takes up a huge amount of administrative resource
  • Fax machines are costly. They require a dedicated telephone line and guzzle electricity and consumables
  • Traditional fax machines pose privacy and security threats, as paper faxes often sit unclaimed on shared fax machines

It is difficult to share paper faxes

Electronic faxes are easily forwarded, saved and stored on the network, enabling greater document management and control, in line with compliance regulations.

It is easy to switch to electronic fax

OpenText RightFax integrates with an existing IT infrastructure and your Multi Function Printers (MFPs); adding fax functionality to the familiar systems and devices used every day for processing information, printing, scanning, and copying.

RightFax acts as a centralised document processing hub

  • Users only need to be familiar with a single device (MFP) and interface
  • They can send hard copy documents by fax directly from their desktop
  • Inbound faxes are delivered directly to the recipient’s email inbox and if required, can be printed using the MFP
  • Faxed documents are automatically stored/archived and a full audit-trail of all fax traffic is retained by RightFax for compliance

Integrate fax with your Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure and pull the plug on stand-alone fax machines forever!

The shift from analogue telephony to Voice over IP (VoIP), combined with the enhanced IP compatibility of fax software, means you can consolidate voice, fax and data in one place, for a single cost.

The Copart Customer Story

Swapping manual fax for an electronic fax solution with OCR saves resource and costs

RightFax fax server technologyOnline car auction specialist Copart has swapped their manual fax and data entry process to a ProcessFlows’ electronic fax solution with OCR which automatically captures and populates their line-of-business system with inbound fax information.

This has enabled them to cope with an increased workload using the same resource.

Copart take the leg-work out of buying and selling vehicles

Copart remarket used and salvaged vehicles (cars, vans, motorbikes, caravans and commercial vehicles) which have been written off by the insurance industry.

Their patented two-stage internet sales technology, VB2 (Virtual Bidding), allows customers to interactively take part and bid at live auctions, via any web-enabled device.

Dealing with the back-end ‘paperwork’

Copart has contracts and Service Level Agreements with major UK insurance clients to provide vehicle recovery, storage and value-add claim management services for the disposal of vehicles on their behalf.

It creates huge volumes of paper which have to be moved and communicated throughout the organisation.

Too much information

One insurance client alone generates 18,000 inbound fax communications annually (out of a total of 50,000 a year).

Taking information from large volumes of paper faxes and manually keying this into the line-of-business system is time consuming and prone to errors.

Fax server technology improves efficiency

OpenText RightFax processes all faxes and stores them as electronic versions on the fax server, providing Copart with a full audit trail of all fax traffic.

Faxes are quickly and easily found and viewed from the desktop should any queries arise in the future.

A fax solution with OCR eliminates any need for manual data entry

ReadSoft’s ‘intelligent’ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is integrated with RightFax RightFax to provide a bespoke fax solution with OCR that reads, interprets, captures and converts both machine print or handwritten fax content into computer-editable text which then automatically populates Copart’s line-of-business system with the information.

Once in the business system, data is processed, the vehicle is listed on the auction site and VB2 technology takes over.

Copart can do more with less resource. We no longer have to enter hard copy fax information into our system manually. The automated process is enabling us to absorb an increasing work load, through increased market share, without needing to recruit additional data entry clerks.

Iain Wells, IT Manager, Copart

A ProcessFlows Fax Server Solution brings the following benefits to any organisation

  • Takes out the fax machine cost of ownership – you can make all your fax machines redundant
  • It is easy to build on a RightFax investment – ease of integration means that RightFax technology can be built-on in the future to improve the processing of information in other areas of the business
  • Information is easy to find – paper faxes are easy to lose and not quickly found if you need to check something in the future. RightFax stores faxes on the server, where they can be very easily located; and data storage compliance regulations are met

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