The Benefits of Process Automation

Process Automation offers much more than just cost reductions – it is also about unlocking workforce potential, supporting innovation and new services levels not possible via manual processes. There are 9 major benefits of Process Automation:

lower costs

Lower direct operational costs & overheads

Process Automation can handle repetitive tasks or processes faster, 24/7/365 and without mistakes allowing operations to be more efficient and staff to be redeployed

Minimize Business Risks

Faster Performances & Operational Excellence

Process Automation lends itself to faster performances, Business Process excellence and higher standards. Depending on the task, Automation can complete tasks many times faster than a completely manual process. Documented standard operational procedures, no mistakes, more reliable, governed exception handling procedures, etc –  all means less risk, better results and higher customer satisfaction.

know your customers

Unlock workforce potential and retain the best talent

Workforces are freed from the manual and repetitive have the time to focus on what they excel at – ie decision making, trouble shooting, Compassion, empathy, consulting, creativity etc

unlock opportunities

 Unlock opportunities for new business and customer satisfaction possibilities

Process Automation provides an almost limitless 24/7/365 processing without mistakes- this unlocks new possibilities for new customer experiences, services & service levels as well as even business models that wouldn’t have been viable manually – new notifications, reporting, faster SLAs, new services ie. Around data or reporting. Customers will benefit as well as the business itself.

responsive business agility

Responsiveness & Business Agility

With such great waves of change facing everyone, it is important to remove risk and embrace opportunities in an agile manner. Process Automation workflows or Software Robots can be quickly retrained to work on new task in different department anywhere in your business. Importantly, access to limitless and always available processing means peaks and troughs demand can easily be handled easily. Automation as a Service models provide all the benefits without the long term commitment.

Simplify & remove operational complexity

By its very nature Process Automation forces process standardisation – this simplifies and removes unnecessary operational complexity. Everything else such as exceptions is then highlighted, tracked and dealt as an exception and ready for continuous improvement measures where relevant. Process Automation also transcends business silos for greater operational efficiencies.

end to end control

Reduce risk and improve compliance, governance & end to end control

Process Automation lends itself to rules and 100% tracking allow effective control measures and visibility the length of any automation process. Enhanced security as well as the compliant handling of information can be enforced much more easily through an automated digital process than a Manual one

informed decisions

More informed, Data-lead decisions faster

Process Automation means end to end tracker and visibility allowing for data-lead decisions- This means more informed Business decisions and less procrastination

Greater Customer Satisfaction and a more sustainable business

Process Automation delivers positive benefits in some many ways and areas. The collective sum and result of the benefits listed here means happier customers and a more sustainable business.

cost and efficiency are only art of the story

Which Tasks and Business Processes can be Automated?

Repetitive and rule-based tasks


Anything involving structured data


Manual tasks that need 2-3 full-time employees or more

Tasks/processes prone to human error

You can find a list of most common tasks and processes to automate here. The list isn’t exhaustive and we also specialise in custom task and process automation projects. So if your task or process isn’t listed, give us a call or contact us and we will advise.

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