Enterprise Information Management Solutions for
Growth and Productivity

OpenText is a global leader in intelligent information management platforms and solutions that support businesses and organisations in growth and productivity. OpenText is a recognised as a Global leader by Gartner and Aspire for Information Management.

ProcessFlows has been working with OpenText solutions since 1992 and today we are an OpenText Platinum Partner and sole EMEA Distributor. We have over 35 years of successes and end to end expertise delivering business outcomes through digital and automated services for business and organisations of all sizes. Why choose us and not go direct? Find out here.

The Benefits of Using OpenText

Ensure the growth and productivity of your business

Super Charge Productivity
Streamline and automate processes to boost productivity.

Seamless Integration
Easy integration with your existing solutions & easy access to all your information wherever it is.

Enhanced collaboration
Simple and intuitive tools allow for easy enhanced collaboration.

 Increase Security
OpenText solutions come with a range of advanced security features to protect your data.

Increased Efficiency
Increase efficiency by eliminating manual tasks.

Remove risk & non-compliance
Best practices are automatically enforced, helping to work towards compliance.

OpenText Solutions and Services come with many Advanced Features

  • Integrates with ERP, CRM, HRM and productivity applications
  • Via Mobile, Desktop or Web
  • Information governance
  • Cloud, hybrid or on-premise options
  • Records management and archiving tools
  • Intelligent Capture
  • Powerful indexing
  • Workflows
  • RESTful API
  • Advanced recognition
  • Modern architecture
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Faxing
  • Analytics
  • Intuitive UI
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Advanced security
  • Document generation
  • Case Management

Where can you use OpenText?

As with most of our software, OpenText solutions can be used by itself, or in conjunction with other software and back-end processes, to help build a broad range of  business solutions. We’ve successfully applied it in the following areas, click each to find out more:

Document & Information Management

Take control of your information chaos with one platform to access, collaborate, share and archive from anywhere.

Find out more.

Process Management & Digital Process

Optimise & digitise your business processes aligned to your business priorities.

Find out more.

Process Automation

Unlock new potential & efficiencies by automating manuals tasks & business processes.

Find out more.

Accounts Payable

Achieve new efficiencies and control over your payments and cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

Efficient and effective management of invoicing and any monies owed to protect your cash flows.

Back Office Operations

Transform your “back office” & “Front office” into business operations that to deliver exceptional performances and outcomes.

Case Management

An efficient and structured approach to managing cases, incidents and unstructured information across your organisation.


A structured approach to managing compliance and risk.

Contract Management

Digitise and streamline contract management processes and enforce compliance throughout their life.

Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer experiences and performances at lower cost.

Custom Automation

Create uniqueness & competitive advantage through custom or bespoke process automation and management.

Digital Mailroom

Digitise inbound and outbound communications to complete your transition to a digital workplace.

Human Resources

Build effective and engaged workforces through digital workspaces and operations.

Information Chaos

Remove your information chaos – work smarter with your information across silos and from anywhere.


Efficiently manage and protect your IT backbone. Unlock IT opportunities to power competitive advantage & new performances.

Sales and Marketing

From Sales and Marketing resource to efficient management your customer facing assets, proposals, copy and presentations.

Purchase to Pay

Transform your management of suppliers, spend, cash flow and payments to deliver new efficiencies, control and compliance.

Project Management

Deliver your IT & Business projects on time, within budget and according to project goals.

Quote to Cash

Transform exceptional proposals and customer experiences into new performances and cash reliably and efficiently.

Remote Working

Enable your workforce to communicate, collaborate and work from anywhere securely.

Sales Order Processing

Manage the gaps in your sales order process & ERP to ensure customer satisfaction as well as efficient and governed sales order processing.

Scheduling and Management

Deliver exceptional field-based operations, performance and customer experiences – at lower cost.

Why ProcessFlows for OpenText/ Enterprise Information Management & Process Automation

ProcessFlows has been working with OpenText solutions since 1992 and today we are an OpenText Platinum Partner and sole EMEA Distributor. We are also independent & specialise in the leading Data Capture, Content & Process Automation solutions on the Market.

We have a 35 year track record of success & expertise in this industry and Digital workflows, Process Automation, Information and Document Management.

Accredited OpenText expertise with end to end capabilities from Business Process Analysts, Solutions Architects and Project Managers, through to Implementation Engineers, Software developers and Multi-tiered Support Operations.

Our robust approach to transformation based on partnership & supporting every step of the journey from creating a vision and plan through to project managed development, implementation, transition as well as continuous improvement and support.

For these reasons and more, ProcessFlows should be your trusted partner to support your business transformation – Find out more.  To read all of our success stories, visit our Case Studies page.

More Information & How Can We Help?

We offer no-obligation, free of charge assessments, consultations and business cases to help you identify the right solution for your organisation. To find out more or to book a consultation, please call +44 (0)1962 835053, email enquiries@processflows.co.uk, or fill in the form below.

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