Unlock your Workforce Potential through effective People Management Solutions & Services.

ProcessFlows helps HR teams and businesses create purpose driven, engaged and effective workforces and cultures that deliver exceptional performances. We achieve this through a range of solutions and services for intelligent and connected workplaces that transform HR and people management in the following ways:

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    Powerful collaboration and communication digital workspaces to kick start employee engagement & productivity wherever they are

    • Too many workforces are being held back by ineffective tools for teams to talk, share and work together – relying too much email, network drives and telephones. It is a major barrier to creating effective and engaged workforces.
    • As a Microsoft Gold Partner, can migrate you to a fully integrated digital workspace based on Microsoft 365. We can break down silos and get people, teams and the whole organisation talking, sharing and collaborating in much richer and more powerful ways using the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
    • The possibilities are endless and can be tailored easily to suit requirements from unified communications and video calling to project sites, surveys, intranet pages, announcements, recordings, forums, controlled templates or policy etc
    • Our Managed IT services can support with remote working and access policies and to help your teams keep productive from home or anyway as well as protect your infrastructure and data.
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    Secure & Centralised Single Point Of Control & Management For Your Digital HR Content

    A weakness of HR Information Systems is their inability to manage unstructured information such as documents and records. We can provide single and secure integrated content management systems to manage the lifecycle of any content in HR including any specific associated processes for managing that content in a governed manner. For example onboarding through to retention, retirement or departure in a compliant fashion:

    • Secure and controlled access to all HR content, documents and information – official, personal and confidential, templates, forms, policies, temporary, certificates, ID checks etc with the appropriate control and governance
    • Dynamic user-based and document level control and access linked to Active Directory
    • All content can be encrypted and backed-up with version history and audit logs to support compliance
    • Go paperless and digitise forms and HR workflows – standard, custom or bespoke
    • Employee self-service portal for access to key information and to make changes or requests in a controlled manner
    • Integration with key systems and tools such as existing HRIS such as Workday, iTrent etc., ERPs and Microsoft 365 to provides a unique single and federated point of visibility and control of all content irrespective of department or system.
    • Apply retention rules, checks and alerts
    • Start simple and expand – The same system can be used for all forms of governed and non-governed content and workflows across a business provide a single point of control and management for all unstructured data anywhere in the business.
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    Digital HR Workflows and Automation

    A key HR challenge and source of business risk is lack of process management. Even if businesses have HR policies, they aren’t always operationally enforced or adhered to which leads to inefficiencies, errors, compliance risks and poor performances.

    ProcessFlows specialise in custom or bespoke digital and automated processes to suit your specific requirements and ultimately to deliver efficiencies, performances and remove risks. We specialise in the workflows that HRIS systems struggle with such as On-boarding and other HR case management workflows which involve managing and processing unstructured data from multiple sources. We can integrate with and make common HRIS systems such as Workday, iTrent etc work better especially when it comes to complex digital workflows involving different parties and data sources.

    For smaller businesses we can provide a single cloud based information and workflow platform to manage all information, data and workflows across all departments including HR.

    For more specific requirements, our expert teams can deliver fully customised and automated HR workflow based on industry standards best practice for Business Process Management & Notations (BPMN 2.0). Examples include

    • Hiring – Manage and process job descriptions, business justifications, CVs, employment checks and pre-hire testing documents.
    • On boarding – Assign and track employee orientation and on boarding tasks, information and status across any department. These same capabilities can be used to manage off boarding processes
    • Performance Appraisal – Simplify the management of annual performance reviews.
    • Training and Development – Manage and track professional development and certifications.
    • Records Management – Manage and retain employee records with a full audit log and change management process
    • Attendance and Leave management – holiday, sick
    • Employee case management – Contracts, support, accidents, incidents, disputes – processes, updates, clauses
    • Enforce standard operating processes and compliant processes–either machine-led, human-led or hybrid; through digitally managed and automated processes – From capture & interaction through to data processing and approvals as well as reporting and integration. ie. new starter processes. change requests,
    • Preventive, scheduled and real-time automated alerts & checks of systems, data, processes etc
    • Custom real-time HR and people management dashboards and reporting of task lists, status and performances vs KPIs – or incorporate HR stats into unified business reporting for all functions
    • Governed HR approval and contract workflows with digital signatures
    • Governed change management processes for HR management
    • HR Policy & contract management & workflows – templates, version control, approval management, storage, clause libraries etc
    • HR Case management capabilities to handle semi structured content, information and process in consistent and governed manner ie. for disputes, non-standard queries, complaints, investigations etc
    • Remove risk of manual errors through automation and direct integration with other systems ie HR (Workday, iTrent), IT (Active Directory) and business systems (ERP and CRMs), processes and applications (ie Microsoft 365)
    • User-based permissions & secure remote or mobile access to HR workflows
    • Where repetitive tasks a manual burden we can automate using a variety of Process Automation techniques.
    • We can handle task or automation exceptions for you as a service through our service desks.
    • Mark-up, redactions and versioning capabilities
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    HR Resource or Tasks delivered and Charged for As A Service

    Through our managed service delivery centre, we can deliver a range of resource, capabilities and HR tasks as a service to help your HR and wider management teams fulfil HR and people management tasks. For example:

    • Proactive or reactive service desks to manage and deliver a wide range of tasks as a service in a compliant manner based on SLAs and standard operating procedures agreed with yourselves ie. process or automation exception handling, tracking, reports, checks, monitoring, manual processing or tasks
    • Helpdesk services to provide a single point of escalation and management for internal or external queries, escalations, change requests, incidents, Out of hours, or Multi-lingual support
    • Scale to extend hours or reach of operations to cover gaps in HR capacity
    • Our delivery centre can use your own systems, or our systems for service desks and automation – depending on what meets your requirements.

    Our Helpdesks & Service desks can be tailored to your specific HR service and employee experience requirements. Find out more about our world class service delivery operation here

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    HR Dashboards, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

    A single point of view of your HR & people management status and performance metrics can be a real challenge to establish especially where there is a lack of BI skills in house, processes are weak or where data is stored in various systems and formats.

    We provide custom and bespoke HR dashboards and intelligence that turn different data sources into the visibility, insight and control of status, KPIs and trends that are important to you.

    What KPI or Metric do you want to measure?

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