The 5c’s of Effective People Management

People Management is a core function of HR & People & Culture teams any organisations. It’s an umbrella term that covers all elements and mechanisms used to create effective workforces and engaged workforces.

71% of executives say employee engagement is critical to their companies success – Fasttrack 360

The 5C’s of effective People Management is a simple framework for understanding the core and key elements of People Management. Ultimately it is about organisations unlocking the full potential of their workforces- From attracting the best talent through to enabling them as well as supporting, guiding and developing them.

building a workforce, processes and workspaces that can builds a better future

To promote diversity and inclusion positively

opening channels to connect effectively with their peers and across teams

A workforce that understands the present, the future strategy, how they can support it and actively supports it

cooperating smarter, faster and more effectively with teams, departments and across the company

Technology & People Management

Many organisations of all sizes, are struggling to make real progress in these 5 areas and their progress towards building an effective and engaged workforce.

Technology can play an important role in super charging people management initiatives as well as removing some of the barriers to progress. For example, today, there is nothing more important than a effective digital workspace where individuals, teams can work, share, chat together and organisations can engage, survey, support and broadcast their visions to their workforces etc

Beyond People Management Policies and strategies, HR & P&C teams need to understand the practical benefits and contributions that technology can make in their efforts to building effective and engaged workforces.

ProcessFlows can help organisations create digital workspaces that unlock new levels of collaboration, richer communications and experiences at all levels  as well as operations automate the manual and repetitive.

It is how we can help build more effective and engaged workforces. Find out more here

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