Have You Benchmarked Your Field Service Management?

Field Service scheduling & management teams are struggling with a growing list of challenges, manual tasks, customer demands & exceptions. Here’s some signs that your FSM team is struggling too:

Inefficiently scheduling & optimizing service delivery teams including more third parties

Data entry errors, unstructured data or missing information, missing forms!


Inefficient approval or rejection processes

Communication barriers with in-field professionals & central teams

Dealing with unsatisfied clients effectively & efficiently

Difficulty in tracking & third-party billing

Unprepared technicians, failed remote or first time resolution

Failing to capture accurate information from the field

Inefficiency in meeting customers’ demands, requirements & extending hours of operation as well as communication

Manual reporting & unreliable status prevents real-time visibility, informed decisions & weakens control

Rising operational costs whilst also facing demands for cost savings & new performances

Inhouse digital & automation projects are costly, disrupt, and often fail to live up to promises

Too many FSM teams & managers are bogged down with transactional everyday rather than driving & adding strategic value. Is it time to Rethink your Approach to Field Service Management and focus on driving your business & operations rather than just running them?

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