13 Signs your Customer Services & experiences are letting you down.

Delivering exceptional customer services and customer experiences isn’t easy but it is essential. Here are 13 common signs that your business is being held back by customer service problems and poor customer experiences. It could be time to focus your organisation more on improving customer services and experiences:

  • 1

    Lack of even basic customer & customer experience metrics – ie Repeat or upsell customers, retentions/ churn, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Performance vs SLA.

  • 2

    No KPIs for customer experience or satisfaction. How do you know if you are doing great or not if you don’t have benchmarks?  KPI are the starting point to your transformation and focus.

  • 3

    No plan or vision of of what great customer experience should look like for your business.

  • 4

    Customer feedback isn’t built into every customer engagement. Don’t just listen to your teams listen to your customers directly.

  • 5

    Lack of customer experience improvement projects – Is it really a focus? Customer requirements, expectations and the markets are constantly evolving – are you keeping up?

  • 6

    Limited choice of customer support or engagement channels – email or telephone only?

  • 7

    Lack of customer journey mapping and procedures i.e Rapid complaint resolutions, on-boarding, continuous improvement & support, off-boarding & review etc.

  • 8

    Limited personalised or digital customer experiences. You rely on traditional mechanisms for account management, sales and support.

  • 9

    Lack of customer centricity across the business & departments. The view that service is responsible for the customer & no other team impacts experience or the journey.

  • 10

    Focus on renewal date instead of continuous improvement throughout life.

  • 11

    Management focus on short term only – net new, the next big deal and end of month. No reoccurring revenues and a lack of focus on retaining customers and continuous improvement.

  • 12

    Overly complex customer contracts that aren’t tailored to the experience or service delivered.

  • 13

    And of course the number of complaints, failed orders, waiting times etc.

The day to day of business operations can get really complicated but a good starting point for change is to get your entire organisation to think about the customer first.

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