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  • Secure communication that seamlessly integrates with your email client
  • Innovative identity authentication makes sure only the intended recipient can access your sent email

Why is Email Security so important?

Email remains the dominant communication channel for business but its lack of security presents a problem. Unsecured emails can be intercepted and hijacked whilst in transit and with an estimated 280 billion emails being sent over the course of 2018, email is now considered one of the greatest risks to business.

Whether it be a cyber-hack, phishing, email interception or user error, the financial and reputational cost of a data breach is significant. Circumnavigating these risks by using traditional post or file share systems is often expensive, time consuming and not always intuitive to use for you or your client. That’s why Mailock has been developed to seamlessly integrate with Outlook, providing the sender and recipient with secure email and document transfer from the same familiar interfaces.

During 2017, email communications was a leading cause of data breaches and loss.

Standard email is insecure and highly susceptible to human error. With GDPR now in effect, the financial and reputational costs associated with unsecured emails being intercepted or sent to the wrong individual have never been higher. Mailock has been designed specifically to mitigate these risks.

Mailock can protect your business communications from…

Cyber Attacks

Mailock affords the platform user the security they deserve but goes beyond encryption.

By posing a challenge question using information only known by you and the recipient – e.g. ‘where did we last have lunch?’ – you are able to validate and authenticate the recipient’s identity.

Human Error

Before sending an unsecure email, Mailock is able to assess the contents of the email for sensitive information such as bank account numbers, as well as keywords that are customisable by the system admin, and suggest that they should be secured if something is found.

The challenge question system also means that if an email is accidentally sent to the wrong individual they will be unable to access the email and it can then be fully recalled.


Mailock makes it easy, convenient and secure for you and your customers to send and receive statements and records via email.

Mailock reduces your costs, improves customer experience and provides a new and improved level of audit.

The Mailock platform helps you to meet regulatory compliance requirements making it possible for you to verify that a specific individual has read/opened an attachment and viewed the content.

The Mailock platform enables you to reduce carbon emissions, something all businesses must achieve under government legislation.


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