The Benefits of Automated Data Capture

Automated Data Capture is an essential starting point for modernising operations – without it, many processes can’t be digitised, automated, tracked etc

The main benefits of Automated Data Capture are:

Achieve new operational performances, efficiencies and fewer exceptions

Automated data capture is the starting point to achieving automated and more efficient processes. Manual processing and inaccuracies can be removed delivering up 75% reduction in total costs of processing (AIIM)

Lower cost per incident or task

Lower operational costs in a process means lower cost per outcome or task. Data capture ensures that unstructured data is handled more efficiently delivering a lower cost per invoice, PO, sales order, on-boarded employee, service request, case, incident, search, report etc.

Reduce risk and improve compliance, governance & end to end control

Data capture removes the risk manual data entry errors whilst also supporting digital business process management that enforces a greater level of control and governance over processes. Exceptions, rules, access and non- compliance can be tracked and managed efficiently once data is digitised.

More informed, Data-lead decisions faster supports Business Agility & customer satisfaction

 Data capture enables business intelligence and data analytics tools to analyse, interpret and link the big picture and data, not just the 20% of structured data but the full 100%. Deeper analysis using artificial intelligence can understand sentiments, bottlenecks, forecast, provide context to performance issues or help identify new possibilities.

Remove complexity, simplify and focus on business priorities

Siloed business processes and systems can become more unmanageable and difficult to control and untangle. Data capture alongside integration mechanisms allows for processes to be optimised and simplified end to end.

Innovation and new customer experience enabler

Data capture unlocks the 90% of unstructured data businesses aren’t leveraging. This opens up new possibilities for automation, digitisation and business intelligence to inform and enables new performances, insight, services such as personalise that other wouldn’t have been possible or known via manual process

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