OpenText Alchemy

Getting the best out of Alchemy

A two day course learning all about features and functions that are included in the Alchemy suite – Designed for existing Alchemy users with basic or intermediate knowledge. The object of the course is to expand your understanding of the Alchemy modules and help you obtain the best results from Alchemy for you and your organisation.

Prerequisites: A working knowledge of Alchemy features and databases.

Training Agenda

Creating Databases: Database Design, Advanced functions, Indexing Methods, Controlling the size of databases, Retrieval functionality

Alchemy Scanning Modules: Scanning templates, Barcode reading, OCR of documents

Managing Databases: Managing data, Backing up databases

Automation: Working with the command prompt interface

Datagrabber: Importing images, Importing images taken from other systems

Cold Data: Creating individual records from small files, Extracting index information, Applying overlays

Offshore Keying: Updating databases using ProcessFlows tools, ProcessFlows Tools – Alchemy Update, ProcessFlows Tools – Alchemy Rename

Extracting Data from Alchemy: Retrieving images, Retrieving index information

Overviews & Explanations: Alchemy Web, Simple integration

Administrator Training

Completion of this two day course enables the participant to effectively administer, manage, troubleshoot and design Alchemy enterprise and desktop core applications. It does not cover the use of Alchemy i.e. Administrator / Scan and Datagrabber.

Prerequisites: A working knowledge of Alchemy features and databases.

Training Agenda:

Databases: Sequential container, Relational Databases, Alchemy Database – Structure / Pointer / Add files technology / Versioning

Alchemy Gold: Architecture, Database, Installation – Licensing, Concurrent Search

Alchemy Content Management Suite: Architecture, Classic Mode Database, Installation – Domain / Workgroup, Licensing, Component

Alchemy: Connectivity Share Folder / Alchemy URL Protocol, Configuration, Back Up, Settings, Security – Administration, Integrated Security Roles / Licensing / Role Base Access Control (RBAC)

Index Station

Audit Logging and Reporting

Alchemy Web: Architecture, Installation – Including .NET Framework, Administration, Security

Customising Alchemy Web

Linking to Alchemy Web Core Product

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