7 Benefits of A Modern QTC Operation

Faster Quote to Cash Process
The QTC process is the backbone of many organisations – connecting sale, finance and delivery. A failing process means these key teams will also fail ultimately resulting is poorer business performances, bad customer experiences and a competitive disadvantage.

Better Cash Flow Visibility & Control
Digital QTC processes can be fully tracked and managed more easily – Performances vs KPI reported in real-time, bottlenecks and issues in order processing can be detected and addressed immediately. Digital processes can manage checks, approvals and be recovered more quickly and easily in the case of an exception.

Real-time Inventory or Resource Management
An integrated and digitised Quote to Cash process will improve forecasting, real-time stock or resource management reducing inefficiencies and waste.

Operational Efficiencies
A automated QTC process is more efficient & reliable whilst removes risk, delays and errors across the entire process which reflects in better customer experiences and business performances. Basic tasks such as data entry, notifications, reconciliations, checks and more can also be managed or completed automatically.

Improved Data Accuracy
Integration with ERPs and CRMs, automated and governed processes, BI and data capture means much less room for errors across the process. Config, price, Quote information can be pulled rather than manual updated. Even unstructured data such as contract, case or invoice information can structured and forced into a managed process.

Superior Customer Experience
Automation can allow for real-time automated checks, customer notifications and updates / live data feeds meaning fewer errors & issues. Customer portals and improved personalisation empower customers and improve communications without the manual costs. Automation is also more scalable meaning less issues during the busier times.

Unlock Your Workforce Potential
A digital and automated Quote to Cash process transcending silos and systems removes the internal challenges and focuses your business and operations on your customers, growth. It’s much more rewarding and drives better individual performances as well as attracts and retains the best talent.

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