When you think about it, over the years, the amount of technology that has been made obsolete by communication and IT manufacturers, its stunning.

Lady on PhoneYet, the same messaging and call routing system has continued to support multiple systems from all the major communications manufacturers, through all their reinventions and mergers. Through all those ‘end of life’ announcements. The old boxes worth hundreds of thousands, made worthless by the stroke of a pen, heaped in the corner in case they’re ever needed.

Contrast that with CX-E, the same piece of software being developed and enhanced since 1994.

Yes, the hardware has gone, the server is smaller, but the software; the software is still the same market leading box of functionality that it ever was. OS2 went to NT, went to Windows Server, went to the cloud. Speech recognition was added, but nothing was taken away. IP came and got handled. The users were never faced with a rip and replace new user interface, they just got more features, if they wanted them.

As a communications specialist, we’re proud to have chosen a supplier like AVST with such integrity to have treated us and our customers, and their users with such respect for the last 25 years.

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