Automated Document Processing

ReadSoft’s Documents automates the tedious work of sorting and indexing documents. Just gather all your incoming documents, whether they are electronic or paper and let our software do the rest.

Automatic classification and indexing means more efficient administration across the organisation, which in turn leads to faster processing times and reduced costs.

Suitable for you if:
Your organisation handles large amounts of documents and spends a lot of time on sorting and filing them.

With Documents, you will:

  • Increase efficiency – Faster and more accurate document sorting and distribution will boost your efficiency.
  • Improve control – Immediate access to status reports and audit trails means better insight into your business-critical information flow.
  • Improve working conditions for staff – Allow staff to concentrate on case handling instead of document sorting.
  • Increase transparency – A complete audit trail will help you comply with legislation such as SOX.

Technical capabilities

Documents can be seen as a funnel for all your incoming business documents. No matter how they arrive (paper, fax, email, PDF, etc.), the documents are incorporated into the flow.

The software reads a document much like humans do. It looks for identifiers such as logotypes, keywords, combination of words and layouts.
But unlike humans, it can also use barcodes, for example, to determine what kind of document it is and which group it belongs to.

Business system integration

The data from Documents is seamlessly fed into any ERP system, archive or case management system.

Reporter integrates with Invoices and ReadSoft’s SAP products to provide statistics on your invoice flow.

More information

For further information on ReadSoft, please call us on +44 (0) 1962 835053 or email

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