Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Processing (POP) ProcessFlows extends the functionality of an organisation’s existing Finance or ERP solution, maximising the benefits achieved by efficient and precise POP automation.

Purchase Orders can be raised within the associated finance application, or by any other means and automatically placed into a workflow for an appropriate individual’s review and approval/authorisation before being sent back to the finance team for processing.

Authorisation can be granted from almost any location in the World that has internet connectivity. A user can be in a foreign country with only a tablet or smartphone to hand, they will receive an email with a link to the captured purchase order, allowing them to review the order and provide authorisation, which will have a real-time link with the central office.

Supplier invoices can be captured into the system as they enter the organisation, from any source including post, fax and email. POP ProcessFlows will then OCR and ICR the captured document, performing an automated invoice matching process, extracting key information such as the header information and transactional line information and matching it to either the purchase order and/or delivery note.

Unlike a vast amount of other solutions, POP ProcessFlows does not require hundreds of pre-defined templates to be created before you can start processing your supplier invoices. Our solutions allow users to setup the required templates on the fly, as and when the invoices arrive and are captured into the system. Again, the purchase invoice can automatically be placed into a workflow and routed across the company for review and authorisation. Once approved, the system will automatically generate an export file such as an XML file, containing the transactional information ready for automated importation into the organisations finance/ERP system.

BI Dashboard ScreenshotSo, you’ve got loads of accounts data, but how easy is it to access it to make reports? ProcessFlows BI Dashboards hook in to all your databases, spread-sheets and documents, enabling real-time reporting, in an easy to read graphical format. For more information, please click here.

In summary, the entire process from receiving the information, through authorisation, to posting the actual transaction, is completely automated. Staff only need to intervene should there be a discrepancy between the supplier invoice and the purchase order and/or delivery note, freeing up time to get on with more important tasks.

Furthermore, users can access POP documents and related content from their familiar ERP application, email inbox or mobile device, accelerating decision making and driving processes forward. With real-time dashboards, managers have increased visibility into the status of document processing, easily identifying bottlenecks and adjusting workload distribution.

Our solution provides off-the-shelf interfacing with common applications such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Outlook. We also offer a utility that allows our solution to integrate with almost any third party solution, including some old legacy DOS based applications. Our solution will even display a notification if a required document such as a GRN is missing, allowing the user to focus on specific areas of the process.

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