ProcessFlows specialise in Contract Lifecycle Management solutions to help organisations transform the management of their business contracts, relationships and transactions.  We provide a wide range of Contract Lifecycle Management solutions and services – from simple cloud-based case management through to bespoke solutions and managed services to meet the specific needs of most businesses or organisations.

Here is a quick overview:

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    Single point of access and control for your contracts

    A common and important starting point is to establish a single point of control and management for all your contracts. From here contracts can be managed throughout their life in a governed manner from creation, versions and templates to agreement workflows and distribution.

    We integrate with common workplace productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 and core Business systems such as ERPs and CRMs. This encourages and integrates best practice contract management into everyday processes instead of promoting parallel and ungoverned practices.

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    Digital & Automated Contract Lifecycle Management

    A key source of case management challenges is lack of process management or Contract Lifecycle Management. Whilst businesses often have policies, they aren’t enforced through procedures which leads to inefficiencies, errors, compliance risks and poor performances.

    We offer a comprehensive range of Contract Lifecycle Management solutions and capabilities to digitise, manage and enforce contract workflows and processes –from “out of the box” solutions to fully bespoke and customised platforms. Capabilities include:

    • Internal and external routing and approval workflows with digital signatures
    • Clause libraries or templates to help quickly draft, revise, and publish contracts with pre-approved clauses
    • Customer workflows for key contract related tasks ie Renewals process.
    • Automated business rules enforcement & checks
    • Seamless integration with existing core systems and processes to manage the contract through its life & across disparate systems
    • Automated processes – i.e. renewals, alerts, clause monitoring
    • Where tasks or processing volume is a manual challenge we automate tasks for further efficiencies – renewal alerts, notices, high volume changes.
    • Simple mark-up, redactions and versioning capabilities
    • Dashboards for a single point of view of contracts status and performance tracking
    • User-based permissions & workflows
    • Integrate contract content management – version & access control, retention policies etc
    • Secure remote or mobile access to contract workflows

    For the more demanding requirements, our expert teams can deliver fully customised and automated workflow based on industry standard best practice for Business Process Modelling & Notations (BPMN 2.0).

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    Contract Data Capture & Digitisation

    By default we start all processes digitally  – We start process digitally (ie Digital signatures) or capture human inputs using digital forms or even integration with the original source. Where this isn’t possible, we can capture, extract and classify data from any source and make it ready digital and automated processing, i.e. terms and conditions, customer correspondence, NDAs and support documents. It’s an essential mechanism to starting removing challenges associated with search, errors, lack of or missing information etc. Advances in Artificial Intelligence are making it easier to extract key information / meta data  and ultimately process unstructured information or knowledge data more efficiently. Depending on the nature of the exception, we may be able to handle exceptions for you as a service.

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    Contract Management Tasks As A Service

    We can also provide dedicated Contract management resource and tasks as a service through our service delivery centre and to desired SLAs. From handling renewals to providing a single point of contact or handling automation exceptions or even manual processing –  we can cover these gaps and burdens as a service. Our delivery centre can use your own systems, or our systems for service desks and automation – depending on what meets your requirements.

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    Contract Management visibility and intelligence

    Getting a single point of view of your contact management status and performances vs KPIs can be a real struggle when operations are in manual and data is stored in different systems and formats.

    We specialise in a custom and bespoke dashboards and Business Intelligence capabilities to bring your contract management performances, status and data to life irrespective of operational and system silos.

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    An essential starting point – Our Discovery assessment

    Every Business has different contract management requirements and a starting point. What is right and appropriate for one may be a step backwards or a quantum leap for the other. We always start with understanding before optimising or digitising any contract management process.

    We use a formal discovery process and structured methodology for assessing, planning and delivering transformation – It’s the safest approach and delivers the best results for each business.

    Key elements and stages include

    • Understand specific business & operational requirements and case challenges
    • Understand the operational context – Map existing contract processes including interconnected processes, people and systems – upstream and downstream.
    • Confirm assessment results, highlight gaps and propose any specific recommendations across people, process and systems
    • Once a specific contract management solution and or service is agreed, our accredited project management team manages the smooth implementation process through to signoff and transition to continuous improvement.

     Not sure where to start your contract management transformation? Whether you’re small business looking to standardise contract management procedures or a larger business looking for efficiencies and improved visibility and control – we can help. Book your contract management transformation consultation here.

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