Hewitsons – Interoperable voicemail with the CX-E platform

Hewitsons is a leading UK law firm with offices in Cambridge, London, Milton Keynes and Northampton, as well as a global reach through the LawExchange International network group. Hewitsons prides itself on a practise built upon ‘Absolute Client Focus’ and a critical element in realising this approach is a reliable set of communication channels. This is where ProcessFlows have been able to help by providing a futureproofed voicemail system that has been able to adapt and grow to meet Hewitsons needs over time.

What was the requirement?

Hewitsons needed to source a voicemail platform that would be able to replace a number of different phone setups across the firm. It was also essential that this new system would be able to accommodate the needs of a growing firm with mobile employees requiring access to voicemail when out of the office and on the move. The ability to integrate with a range of PBXs was also desired to help futureproof the investment.

It was therefore important to find a flexible solution that would both integrate with Hewitsons Nortel solution, as well as meet the full requirements of the firm, in terms of budget, flexibility and service.

CX-E provided a platform agnostic solution that is reliable and easy to use

After a consultation, ProcessFlows recommended AVST’s CX-E unified messaging solution to cover all of Hewitsons voicemail needs.

CX-E has been developed to maximise interoperability in a diverse and changing UC landscape supporting over 400 traditional TDM, IP-PBX, Centrex and IP Centrex integrations; multiple telephony integration protocols including SIP, SMDI, Digital Station Emulation, QSIG, CAS; as well as simultaneous integrations with multiple telephone systems.

This meant that when Hewitsons decided to change PBX’s, transitioning from Nortel to Avaya, CX-E was able to provide a consistent and uninterrupted voicemail experience. This has increased the longevity of the system, improving its return on investment.


“The CX-E solution worked very well with the Nortel
solution and has provided flexibility when we have changed PBX’s.”

Simon Marshall,

Senior IT Administrator at Hewitsons



CX-E’s support for an unlimited number of subscriber mailboxes meant that there were no barriers to rolling out the solution company wide and it has been able to adjust to a changing workforce over many years with the system currently supporting over 200 subscriber mailboxes.

A simple dial-in system has also provided Hewitsons’ staff with an easy way to access voicemail and adjust settings anywhere, anytime; essential for any mobile workforce.



“It’s been one of those reliable
systems that’s happily been serving us for years. On the odd occasion that it
has had a problem, the support we’ve received has been excellent.”

Simon Marshall,

Senior IT Administrator at Hewitsons



The outcome

The upshot of this has been a voicemail system that has provided consistent and reliable service to the whole of Hewitsons over many years and a number of infrastructural IT changes and developments.

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