Aspect Capital: Interoperable voicemail with the CX-E platform

Aspect Capital is a global systematic investment manager, founded in 1997 by pioneers in quantitative investment techniques. Aspect has since grown into a team of over 120 professionals, managing over $7bn.

What was the requirement?

Aspect Capital needed to source a voicemail platform that would be able to bridge a number of different communications elements across the firm. It was also essential that this new system would be able to accommodate the needs of a growing firm with mobile employees requiring access to voicemail when out of the office and on the move. The ability to integrate with a range of PBXs was also desired to help futureproof the investment.

It was therefore important to find a flexible solution that would both integrate with Aspect Capital’s Avaya solution, as well as meet the full requirements of the firm, in terms of budget, flexibility and service.

CX-E provided a platform agnostic solution that is reliable and easy to use

After a consultation, Aspect Capital’s Telecoms Supplier recommended ProcessFlows, the UK and European distributor of AVST’s CX-E product, to cover Aspect Capital’s voicemail needs.

CX-E has been developed to maximise interoperability in a diverse and changing UC landscape supporting over 400 traditional TDM, IP-PBX, Centrex and IP Centrex integrations; multiple telephony integration protocols including SIP, SMDI, Digital Station Emulation, QSIG, CAS; as well as simultaneous integrations with multiple telephone systems.

This meant that Aspect Capital were able to use CX-E to seamlessly bridge their Avaya and Office 365 environments providing unified voicemail for their whole organisation.


“CX-E enabled the business to bridge a key gap in its unified
communication environment which helped to move our infrastructure
strategy forwards without interruption.”

Nick Ttofias,

Director of Production IT at Aspect Capital



CX-E’s feature rich offering facilitated a bespoke configuration to meet Aspect Capital’s exact needs. In addition to this, support for an unlimited number of subscriber mailboxes meant that there were no barriers to rolling out the solution company wide. It has been able to adjust to a growing workforce over the past few years with the system currently supporting over 120 subscriber mailboxes.

The Web PhoneManager PC application also provided Aspect Capital’s staff with an easy way to access voicemail and adjust settings anywhere, anytime; essential for any mobile workforce.



“The implementation was one the smoothest integrations I’ve been
involved with and the product has continued to deliver its value efficiently.”

Nick Ttofias,

Director of Production IT at Aspect Capital



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