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Wragge & Co LLP – a Fax, SMS and Unified Communications solutions Case Study

February 18, 2014

Electronic Fax, SMS and Unified Messaging Provides Wragge with A Firm Communication Platform –

Wragge & Co is a UK-headquartered international law firm providing a full service to clients worldwide.
The firm offers a partner-led service, which is backed up and supported by more than 1,000 people.

Working with in-house lawyers, company directors, investors, developers, HR professionals, pension trustees and entrepreneurs, Wragge’s legal experts help clients deal with day-to-day issues and complex, strategic matters.

Business Solutions for Legal Firms

Reliable electronic fax

Wragge contacted ProcessFlows initially to help with a fax business requirement.

Faxes are a large part of their business and it was imperative to have a robust and flexible solution to fit in with the (24/7) culture that they operate.

OpenText RightFax

OpenText RightFax was chosen. It integrated well with the existing Document Management System (DMS) and planned, future infrastructure. Integration with Outlook was another key requirement.

Wragge were also impressed by the HP Digital sender service that runs on RightFax. This sends the scanned image to a scan directory, where work servers poll and then process the scan like a fax.

A complete communication suite

Derek Southall, Partner and Head of Strategic Development at Wragge, explains how the initial fax requirement expanded into a bigger communications project;

The main network fax applications were moved to RightFax with HP Digital Senders. To maintain our business strategy, we proceeded to implement unified communications to further assist our mobile device users, utilising CX-E unified messaging technology and Process Flows Text Message Solution.

All three solutions are geographically independent

  • RightFax provides Wragge with a centralised infrastructure for mission-critical document delivery.
  • CX-E provides the firm with flexible message management, allowing users to manage voice, fax and email messages from any location via a desktop, laptop, telephone.
  • ProcessFlows Text Message Solution allows SMS messages to be sent from within Outlook, as well as providing an efficient and convenient communication tool for the mobile workforce.

We now run a complete communication suite supplied by ProcessFlows. This enables us to operate a fully integrated desktop for all staff across all office locations. We have Microsoft Word and DMS initiating faxes with fax receipts and voice mail being notified via Outlook.

The solution is extremely beneficial to fee earners and secretarial staff who work outside of the core hours. Another benefit is the reduction in the cost of faxing, as we are eliminating consumable costs and ongoing manual fax machine costs. RightFax also allows us to manage more faxes with our existing staffing levels, therefore providing an economy of scale.

Improved efficiency all round

Easy storage and reduced printing

Outlook/DMS integration provides Wragge with the facility to drag and drop incoming faxes for profiling and storage and it has greatly reduced the amount of printing.

Balancing the system load

The load balancing feature is configured to maximise system performance; ensuring that lines are equally used by directing faxes to the server with the most available lines.

For cost saving and convenience, RightFax can also be configured to send and receive different sized faxes and set to transmit at a specific time.

Linked with print management, RightFax makes it easy to accurately bill clients for their faxed documents

RightFax can be linked to print management solutions such as Equitrac to provide accurate statistics on what fax was sent to whom and when, making it much easier to bill for faxes.


Wragge has set up dedicated lines to accept all inbound electronic faxes. These are configured to auto-print on a dedicated print queue, which distributes faxes evenly to available printers.

The RightFax Connector handles all communication between the Exchange and RightFax servers, along with user database synchronisation. It uses gateway folders to store fax-bound mail messages and to pick up mail-bound faxes. The faxes are then delivered to the users’ Outlook inbox.

Web access

RightFax has a web client, which allows remote checking for faxes, although Wragge employees have the faxes forwarded to Outlook and also have Outlook web access.

Responsive mobile working

ProcessFlows Text Message Solution allows Wragge to communicate succinct messages efficiently to its mobile workforce. CX-E enables the forwarding of voice, fax and email messages directly to the user’s mobile phone, so staff can respond from wherever they are.

Fax is still very much alive

Many people argue that faxes are dead. In the long term that maybe right, but in certain markets, like ours, it remains a business critical and a well-used medium. We need slick solutions which fully support our business needs and help us deliver more (law per hour) to clients.

Wragge & Co is renowned for its outstanding quality and client service, people culture and leading edge technology. The ProcessFlows portfolio assists with giving it this edge.

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