Training Courses

A range of varied structured training courses for end-users and administrators is available, in addition we also offer tailor-made training options. Tutorials for administrators cover advanced system management, whilst end-user courses are designed to give a full overview of the functionally of their products to ensure the users and the company will gain full benefits and return on investment. As with all software, the acceptance and effectiveness will be much accelerated if all users are trained following installation.

We found the course extremely useful and the depth of knowledge of the tutor was superb. I came back to work telling my boss that I’d probably learnt more in the one day there, than I had on any course I’d attended. The pace and breaks were perfectly balanced, I don’t think anyone could have had a bad thing to say to be honest. I’d happily advise people to attend the course. The benefits that we’ve taken out compared to the price have almost paid for it themselves.
Carl Davies – Pembrokeshire County Council

OpenText RightFax

Administrator – This technical course fully covers the core system configuration, optimisation and maintenance of RightFax. It contains an overview of all the optional modules, with more specific emphasis given to those modules participating delegates are utilising. Please click here for more info.

End-user – This course is designed to give users a full overview of sending and receiving faxes through the client software. It is extremely beneficial to all new users and will ensure they gain the full benefits of RightFax. Click here for more info.

OpenText Alchemy

‘Getting the best out of Alchemy’ – This two-day course is designed for existing Alchemy users with basic or intermediate knowledge. The object of the course is to expand your understanding of the Alchemy modules and help you obtain the best results from Alchemy for you and your organisation. Click here for more info.

Administrator – Completion of this two day course enables the participant to effectively administer, manage, troubleshoot and design Alchemy enterprise and desktop core applications. Click here for more info.

CX-E (Formerly CallXpress)

Administrator – Our on-site training day is designed for up to six delegates. A dedicated CX-E Trainer will spend up to six hours at your premises, covering the ‘day to day’ management of the system. Click here for more info.

End User – Courses are flexible, according to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Examples of suggested training include:

  • Telephone User Interface – This course shows users how to set up and manage their CX-E/PhoneXpress by using the telephone keypad to input commands.
  • Desktop Phone Manager – Outlook users have the option of managing their CX-E/PhoneXpress settings through Outlook.
  • Web Phone Manager – If the ProcessFlows Engineer has configured this option, users will be able to change their CX-E/PhoneXpress settings by logging on via a webpage.

Text Message Server

Administrator Workshop – Spend two days with one of our top TMS consultants, to undertake a thorough overview of Text Message Server. This course is primarily aimed at administrators and will cover installation and configuration of a typical Text Message Server solution. Please click here for more information.

Other Products

Whilst we don’t have specific courses for our other products we can provide tailored user and admin training as required.

More information

To learn more or discuss your requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)1962 835053, or email

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