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ProcessFlows and Objectif Lune Collaborate to Enhance Business Processes

December 19, 2017

ProcessFlows has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile communications. We’ve been developing SMS solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers for 15 years. Whether it’s on-premise or cloud-based, we have perfected SMS for businesses. With outbound and inbound messaging perfected, the question is where do we develop next?

ProcessFlows has partnered with workflow automation experts, Objectif Lune, to engage in the next step of business SMS.

Our cloud-based SMS platform, 123-txt, can now integrate with Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Connect, enabling our customers to create workflows that automatically distribute SMS messages and other communications methods without the need for manual resource.

It’s easy to think of text messaging as a simple way to get in touch – but when it comes to transforming business, it can do so much more. With PlanetPress Connect, SMS messages can serve as a conduit for document retrieval notifications where an automated branded tiny URL web link to a SMS message enables documents to be easily and quickly retrieved and viewed. They can also work as delivery notes, letting recipients know when their document has been delivered or processed.

Jeanette Fennell, resident SMS expert at ProcessFlows, has this to say about the role of SMS in modern communications:

With the explosion of A2P SMS messaging, integration is key. Here at ProcessFlows our extensive development resources are always looking at new solutions we can SMS-enable, and our sales team are always keen to encourage new business partnerships.

From banking notifications, critical alerts, SMS-based two factor authentication, automatic booking confirmations, delivery and online reservation system – all benefit and improve customer retention and service when enabling SMS into their workflow.

ProcessFlows strategic partnership with Objectif Lune is just one of the actions we’re taking to strengthen our position in the SMS market.

To find out more about how our SMS services can transform your business processes, contact us at or on 01962 835053.

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