The future of secure communications?

Why do UK businesses continue to send millions of letters a year and what can they do to change this?

So what’s the problem with post?

Print, pack and post systems serve a vital role in the secure dissemination of important information to employees and customers. This can help to maintain good relationships with employees and customers, as well as providing a means of fulfilling numerous regulations that exist around the secure sending of private and personal information.

With that said, traditional posted letters represent a far from perfect means of sending information, private or otherwise. The slow and sometimes failed delivery of letters remains a reality of our postal system. It is also a costly and resource intensive process with no sensible means of tracking deliveries, opens and engagement.

With an ever increasing awareness of businesses environmental responsibilities, sending letters, when factoring in production and transport, can represent a significant and potentially unnecessary contribution to your businesses carbon footprint.

Why not Email?

Email seems like an obvious replacement to print, pack and post systems. You can be confident of the delivery status of your communication, it is very low cost, it is convenient for recipients, it is a low carbon option… I could go on. So why is it that we still receive paper based letters from our banks, estate and lettings agents, hospitals, HR departments, law firms and the like? Why hasn’t email superseded the physical letter?

The answer is simple, email remains insufficiently secure to use as a communications channel for sensitive and confidential information. This, in spite of all the benefits, has remained a deal breaker.

Is Secure Email the answer?

Advances in technology has, however, created the opportunity to develop a secure email system with an innovative identity authentication process that will finally provide businesses with the real opportunity to go paperless for all their internal and external communications, no matter the level of sensitivity of the content. And the secure email solution currently leading the pack? Mailock, the digital recorded delivery system.

End to end military grade encryption forms an important element of the security, but it is the incorporation of personal challenge questions that takes you into the realms of meaningful identity assured communication.

This, in conjunction with a seamless user interface that sits within Outlook, means that the incorporation of high level security into your email infrastructure doesn’t need to be accompanied by a clunky and off putting user experience. Indeed, Mailock is able to avoid the need for initial logins and mandatory sign-ups so that recipients can receive emails in an entirely frictionless manner.

Mailock marks an important step-change within the secure communications landscape. It is set to provide you with a safer way to communicate and share information that will not only save you money, but provide a vastly superior user experience for both the sender and recipient.

To learn more about how Mailock could help you improve communications security, please click here.

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