What about the ‘green’ element?

Mike RaeQ. Is it really a good time to talk about Green Computing?

Mike Rae, Sales Director, ProcessFlows:

A. It’s a great time to talk about Green Computing because there are several things businesses can do to reduce the impact on the Earth’s natural resources whilst reducing their costs.

Let’s start with car journeys; many unnecessary face to face meetings can be avoided these days with the availability of web conferencing and the ever increasing bandwidth of broadband allows us to work at home just as effectively as when we are in the office. In fact, many people comment to me that they are far more productive at home because they don’t lose the dead time travelling to and from work and have far less distractions.

Then you have the issue of paper.  There is far less need to print reams of paper these days when information can be communicated electronically, digitally signed, stored securely and accessed remotely.

Finally, virtualisation technology means that the number of physical servers your business needs can be reduced dramatically and the fewer machines to power, the less power you need!

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