Why continue to invest in fax technology?

Q. Fax is an old technology, surely we should be getting rid of fax, not investing in it?

Mike RaeMike Rae, Sales Director ProcessFlows:

A. Even though fax has been around in one form or another for over 150 years, it is still regarded as one of the most reliable, fast and secure methods of communication, so it  is likely to be around for a lot longer.

Despite the proliferation of email and the web, many organisations still use fax to communicate purchase orders, shipping information, contracts, trading settlements, remittances and many other types of documents. Even if you don’t send many faxes, you need to be able to receive, action and store them in accordance with service level agreements and regulatory requirements.

Faxes are just as important as other business documents. In some cases even more so.  The technology surrounding fax has evolved dramatically.

The introduction of networks that support both voice and data means that real-time Fax over IP can be deployed without the need for additional legacy telephony hardware and phone lines. It is now also easier than ever to integrate fax documents with the applications your company uses to run your business such as email and productivity applications, CRM, ERP, Document Management and Multi-Function devices.

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