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Free Up Your Contact Center with SMS

May 1, 2018

SMS is now commonly found in businesses and their contact centers. In fact, it’s no longer even viewed as a progressive business technology. It’s considered by many small and large corporations alike to be a mandatory investment. Here are 4 reasons why a contact center needs SMS:

  1. Customers like SMS
    Customers are comfortable with texting and prefer SMS for the flexibility and convenience.
  2. Self Service Options
    Free up your contact center by sending customer updates and keeping them informed. Customers will often take the path of least resistance, so offering a text in service will save them having to call in.
  3. Brand awareness and customer feedback
    Send an SMS Survey upon Call Completion.
  4. Customers respond to text
    Many users won’t answer numbers they don’t recognize and others rarely check their voicemails after missing a call.

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