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ControlSuite Print Introduction – Webinar

Print Partner Webinar: Addressing the print-only market space – start the journey with your customer and grow/ Date: 05. 08. 2021

ControlSuite version 1.2: What’s new – Webinar

ControlSuite 1.2 builds upon the power of ControlSuite 1.1 delivering a set of advanced features and product enhancements that drive incremental value to customers

Maximise Microsoft Teams ROI with CX-E v21.2 – Webinar

With the release of version 21.2, your OpenText™ CX-E Voice solution now fully integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone System direct routing.

Previous Events

Pandemic Printing: Touchless Printing, Home Printing and Security

Event: October 2020 - Join ProcessFlows to learn how to best equip your customers for printing at home and in the office during these uncertain times.

Hybrid Cloud Platform

Event: 08.10.19 - Join ProcessFlows to find out how Hybrid Cloud Platform by EveryonePrint could be just what you need.

Hybrid Cloud Platform: The End of the Print Driver

Event: 24.09.20 - Join ProcessFlows to learn how EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) offers a true single print driver, making it possible for everyone to print to any device.

CX-E – Working in the New World of Call Distribution Webinar

Event: 17.09.20 - Join ProcessFlows and OpenText to find out how CX-E could be just what you need.

What is the Cloud and how does HCP fit into it?

Event: 03.09.20 - Join ProcessFlows to understand what the cloud is and where HCP fits in to the proposition.

OpenText RightFax 16.6

Event: 15.08.19 - Join ProcessFlows to find out how OpenText RightFax 16.6 could be just what you need.

What a Difference Speech Makes Webinar

Event: 23.07.20 - Join XMedius+OpenText and ProcessFlows to find out how to reduce your operational costs whilst providing accessible, satisfying self-servicing options to callers.

Cloud-based Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams Webinar

Event: 14.07.20 - Join ProcessFlows and Numonix to learn how IXCloud could be just what you need.

Hybrid Cloud Platform Webinar

Event: 30.06.20 - Join ProcessFlows to learn how to make print perform in the cloud with EveryonePrint.

New Partner Opportunities for a New Normal – Webinar Series – June

Event: June 20 - Join ProcessFlows to learn how to expand your sales arsenal and engage in new opportunities with your customers.

Manage Increased Call Volumes in Times of Change Webinar

Event: 26.05.20 - Join ProcessFlows to learn how many businesses are strengthening their telephony infrastructures using automated speech, to free up resources and deliver an improved and efficient service for their customers.

Dealing with the Challenges of a Fragmented Workforce

Event: 23.07.20 - Join ProcessFlows to learn how the future office landscape might change with increased remote workers and how the requirements on print infrastructure will change.

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