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Durham County Council – an SMS solution Case Study

August 30, 2018

Text Message Server, helping Durham County Council streamline their processes and effectively communicate with their constituency

Durham County Council have been using Text Message Server as a convenient and immediate way to communicate with their community for over a decade. The Council have over 8,000 staff and use TMS across multiple teams and departments. From email distribution groups to running targeted campaigns, Durham County Council benefit from using Text Message Server as a cost-effective and reliable form of communication.
The Council’s Social Care Direct team use email distribution groups to distribute inbound messages between their team accordingly. The Social Team have mobile numbers associated to their accounts; inbound messages are distributed between the group and any replies come from the mobile number associated.

The Council benefit from the short codes feature, using it as a rapid and reliable way to open a discourse with the community. The Benefit Fraud team and Customer Services team among the departments that use the feature to their advantage.

Text FRAUD to 60777

The Library department use automated templates to communicate with their members and alert them to book renewals. The team enable one-way communication with the ‘Do Not Reply’ function.

On occasion, the Council uses the marketing features to run specific campaigns to targeted audiences. In the past, they have run campaigns reminding taxi drivers to apply for their licence. The Council bulk send messages to multiple recipients.

Durham County Council are a long-time satisfied customer who continue to use Text Message Server and are looking to upgrade their on-premise solution to our cloud based solution 123-txt; to utilise the RESTful API and integrate their CRM system.

Tony Dorgan, Senior ICT Engineer manages the solution and would recommend ProcessFlows to any Council looking for a quick and effective form of communication.

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