JT Global – Partner Case Study

Our long and successful track-record with JT Global Enterprise is providing the foundations for their continued growth and success.


JT Global Enterprise, the business to business division of JT Group, is a London-based provider of Managed Data, Voice, Unified Communications, Smart Retail and Contact Centre solutions. With an extensive list of customers spanning North and South America, Europe, and Asia, JT Global Enterprise supports more than 30,000 telephony endpoints and provides WAN services to almost 1,000 sites across the world.

JT Global Enterprise is an Avaya Diamond partner, an Avaya Powered By cloud partner, and a Cisco Premier partner.


A long-standing partnership with ProcessFlows

With over a dozen supported customers spanning 17 years, JT and ProcessFlows have been able to build and sustain a successful and long-standing relationship. Whilst ProcessFlows have helped JT meet a number of different customer requirements over the years, including fax and document management, it has been unified communications that has been central to their partnership.

As the UK distributor of XM Connect (formerly CX-E), a highly interoperable market-leading UC platform, ProcessFlows have been able to provide JT with additional UC functionality that integrates seamlessly with the Avaya PBXs deployed amongst JT’s customer base.

How has the partnership grown?

The relationship between JT and ProcessFlows has been able to grow and develop as a result of a few key elements. The first is clear lines of communication, something essential to any successful endeavour. This can be seen from the origination and exploration of opportunities, all the way through to technical support during installations and aftercare. Greg Lane, Head of Pre-Sales at JT Global Enterprise, said that this was grounded in the “trust, knowledge and experience built and shared by the two companies.”

The second is a common ethos between the two companies that takes pride in a customer-first approach that prioritises the highest levels of service. This has been revealed in moments such as ProcessFlows flying a group of their

technical consultants over to North America when their expertise was required to help JT meet the pressing needs of their customer. This was a show of support that Greg Lane said demonstrated a clear commitment to both the relationship and the high standards of customer care.

Ventures New

This long and successful track-record has provided the foundation for new and exciting business. Most recently, this has involved XM Connect Virtual Operator, a voice recognition auto attendant solution.

Being a part of XM Connect’s interoperable UC system, the Virtual Operator not only interfaces seamlessly with the Avaya systems of JT’s customer base, but allows the end user to make an investment secure in the knowledge that the system will be able to mould and adapt to any future changes to their

telephony and UC infrastructure.

When one of JT’s high profile customers made them aware of their expansive call operator setup, JT saw an opportunity for XM Connect Virtual Operator. After making initial enquiries with ProcessFlows and hosting an exploratory call with the end user, a compelling return on investment was uncovered. The customer’s existing setup had 32 call operators with an average salary of £20,000, totalling annual operational costs of £640,000. XM Connect Virtual Operator, in contrast, could be deployed and fully supported at a cost of £112,000, meaning a return on investment in just 62 days.

Having now successfully deployed XM Connect Virtual Operator into the customer’s environment, this represents one of numerous opportunities that JT and ProcessFlows will continue to explore together moving into the future.


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