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5 Trends Defining Customers Growing Demands and Expectations

June 9, 2015

What is defining the world we are living in today?

  • Rapidly changing environments
  • New technology developed every day
  • Increase in flexible work patterns and remote workers
  • Distance is no longer an obstacle – everything is only a flight away

These are just few of the many changes happening within the business world around us; as the technology and the environment is evolving, so are our customers. These continuous changes are affecting customers’ demands and expectations, and even though the essential principal of ‘the customer is always right’ is still valid, we need to watch out for new behavioural changes and act upon them before reputational damages and unhappy clients start to appear.

Here are some of the ongoing trends in customers’ growing expectations:

  • Speed
    The rate at which we are expected to respond to customers’ requirements has escalated to unprecedented levels in the past few years. Any issues raised need to be addressed at the very moment they occur, leave it any longer and the customer could become anxious and impatient.
    24/7 customer support services are no longer just needed – they are an absolute necessity; especially for businesses that revolve around software or hardware systems, services, or anything that can stop working in the middle of the night.
  • Accuracy
    The modern customer expects the entire process from order to delivery to be smooth and painless. This means no more late deliveries, lost packages, unclear directions or misleading information on what you have in stock.
  • Clear communication
    Customers tend to dislike overly scripted services. In the era of the endless wait for an operator, everyone prefers to speak to a real, live person who will help walk them through the solution to their issue with patience and effectiveness.
  • Feeling of entitlement
    Along with the higher demands on support, customers have also started to feel entitled to discounts, refunds and expectations that everything needs to come with a money back guarantee. And even though you have carefully thought through the terms and conditions of ordering, and it clearly states that if you open the box/ the cap/ the display, the item is not refundable, your customers may still demand that you take it back.
  • Expectation for answers on every channel
    Customers expect the same level of fast and effective support that you provide over the phone, everywhere else – chat, social media, email, contact forms, etc. You need to follow up and monitor incoming inquiries from all kinds of different sources and acknowledge them properly.
    With all of these ongoing changes in mind, make sure you keep your customer service at a high level – fast, competent, professional and covering every channel of communication.

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