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You Need to Communicate to Educate

November 11, 2017

Universities are home to a large student, faculty and staff population. A communications solution needs the capability to support multiple colleges, departments, buildings and locations. That’s no small feat.

In a typical university environment, when parts of the telephony infrastructure began reaching end of life, the needs for a new solution are anything but simple. Interoperability is an absolute necessity. No university wants to put all of their eggs in one basket and be locked-in to a specific vendor. Also required of any new solution is a comprehensive collection of advanced UC applications, including robust mobility features.

What’s more, any unified messaging solution needs to be able to evolve with changing IT infrastructure. Aside from integrating with existing IP and digital telephony systems, new communications applications need to work in a mixed email landscape, as many institutions use Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Downtime is not an option

The administrative and logicality underbellies of academia never sleep. Departments like finance, healthcare and student resources need to keep their communications open during all times. An average university’s call volume can be up to 300,000 calls per month, thus the university needed a scalable and resilient solution.

Because downtime is not acceptable, we would deploy a CX-E and Neverfail, with two call servers and a hot-standby system server, to achieve high availability. Through proactive real-time monitoring of the hardware, software and network environment, the system predicts issues and corrects them before they have an impact on users. We offer a flexible solution of best-of-breed UC applications for any industry.

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