What is an IT Health Check & Data Compliance Assessment?

May 7, 2021

Just over 90% of all IT environments we tested last year had significant levels of risk associated with their IT and data compliance.

In the 95% of cases, management teams weren’t aware of the true scale of the IT & data risks let alone the implications of such risks.

Businesses and organisations of all sizes are being routinely exposed to unacceptable levels of risk from serious IT vulnerabilities and data management weaknesses – From shadow IT and unsupported systems or missing security patches through to failing back-ups and security applications not functioning. Worst still, sensitive and personal data isn’t being handled or secured correctly despite the risks and the existence of simple measures for securing such data.

Whilst the majority of IT teams recognised they had challenges, the majority were struggling to articulate this to management and ultimately secure the necessary changes – whether process, system or resource change.  Where IT was outsourced, we found instances of Managed Services Providers simply not completing essential IT management tasks or their service agreements.

How great are the risks to you, your business & your customers?

IT failure and data losses can easily halt business operations. If the infrastructure or data can’t be recovered quickly operations can be severely impacted or halted permanently  – ultimately threatening the very existence of an organisation. This is before any consequences of reputational damage or regulatory fines are included.

That’s is why we developed a no-obligation formal assessment that customers can take to understand and protect their business and operations as well as their customers and data. We call it an IT heath check & data compliance assessment  – what’s more, its carried out by our experts and completely free of charge.

Businesses and their IT teams’ are failing to understand the true scale and seriousness of  IT and data compliance risks on their organisation until it is too late.

According to a 2021 UK government cyber security report, 39% of UK businesses reported a cyber security breach in the last year & costing an estimated £8.8 billion. Worst still many don’t recover and an estimated 60% of small business fail within 6 months of a cyber security breach.

What is an IT Health Check & Data Compliance Assessment?

It is much more than the typical consultation offered by most IT companies. It is a formal, data-driven 360° assessment of an organisation’s IT health and Data compliance – the entire IT infrastructure & data across all connected devices, systems as well as the network itself.

The assessment doesn’t just cover servers and laptops but any connected devices including mobiles, network switches, IoT devices including virtual and cloud environments. It goes beyond the infrastructure layer covering the health and status across operating systems, software, patches… key events or activity. It even includes a data compliance check to help organisations control data related risks such as the incorrect handling of personal and payment information.

Despite assurances that data was handled correctly, every test uncovered data compliance issues where personal and payment information was incorrectly handled and subsequently exposing the organisation or business – this was often in spite of assurances from IT that such data wasn’t mishandled.

The assessment is delivered by experts and uses a remote monitoring and management tool to analyse and support the process. The results & recommendations are then presented back to to you by the experts.

Who should take the IT Health Check & Data Compliance Assessment?

Our assessment helps business leaders and IT teams detect IT and data compliance risks and prevent them from impacting or even halting their operations and business. If you are not really sure of your current state of data and IT, we show our customers how to start taking back control and get a clear view.

So, whether you are in IT and struggling to cover gaps in support or a business struggling to get support from your IT or managed service provider we can help you take back control.

What does the Assessment cover?

The IT & Data Compliance Health Check will assess all aspects of your IT health, security and status, including:

  • critical software updates & patching
  • end-point security status through to Port & Access vulnerabilities
  • financial & personal data compliance risks which includes a calculated potential liability value.
  • back-up management checks
  • hardware status, i.e. CPU or disk space.
  • Additional checks can be included on request

At the end of the assessment, which typically last 28 days, one of our IT experts will present to you a complementary & confidential summary of the findings and any remedial recommendations.

At this point, the assessment agent can be switched off or you can continue to use it to monitor & manage their IT or Data risks –  or we provide it or any gaps as a service – it’s your choice & you stay in control.

The Process & How to get started

We support every step

  • 1

    Get in contact

    Reach out to an IT consultant or account manager to arrange, request one through our website.

  • 2

    Preparation & Setup

    Your dedicated consultant will answer any questions, complete pre-assessment check with you as well as arrange a time for the agent to be installed & results to be presented. Set-up is completed our side

  • 3

    Start Assessment

    Agent is install via a remote connect session & the process of assessment & discovery starts lasting a period of 28 days

  • 4

    Results & findings

    At the end of 28 days , the results are interpreted and presented back to the customer with any findings. The Agent is switched off or the customer can use it themselves or our services to cover any gaps

Want to know more?

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