Speech Recognition Enterprise-Grade Personal Assistant.

Voice-driven personal assistant software has become quite prevalent in homes and mobile phones, but these tools are designed for tasks people undertake in their private life rather than business.

The CX-E Personal Assistant is an enterprise-grade business tool for staff & executives to increase efficiency by providing hands-free & eyes-free access to schedules and emails on the go as well as enhancing call completion.

Speech-enabled, context-aware virtual assistant on the CX-E platform enhances first-time call completion.

Personal Assistant lets others know when you’re available

Personal Assistant automatically syncs with your calendar and will notify callers when you can’t be reached, whether you’re at lunch until 1pm, in a meeting ‘til 10am, or on vacation. It will also keep an eye on your IM status and not send calls to your device when you’re set to “do not disturb.”

Personal Assistant

Stay connected to the Cloud

Personal Assistant manages your office applications whether they are hosted on-premises or the Cloud. It connects to your email, contacts; and calendar to deliver simplified contact dialling, calendar management, and unified messaging capabilities. It is always with you to maximise your productivity.

Location-based services

Personal Assistant knows when you’ve arrived at the office, have reached home; or are anywhere in-between – and will deliver your calls to the appropriate device.


A virtual assistant that speaks your language

Personal Assistant speaks your language and features a leading speech recognition engine that understands US English, US Spanish, Canadian French, German, Swedish, UK English; or Australian English.

know your customers

A personal touch for important callers

When you’re unable to take an important incoming call, one of Personal Assistant’s unique qualities is to relay a brief personal message to your caller. The Personal Assistant identifies the caller, so you can “Acknowledge” them by sending a quick personalised message back. “John, I have someone in my office at the moment, I will call you back in 10 minutes.”


Personal assistant goes mobile when you do

CX-E Personal Assistant is built with intuitive mobile features: hands-free speech access, single number reach, mobile number protection, location-based services; and a native mobile client to manage messages, contacts; and presence status. Stay connected to the office, no matter where you are.

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