The Mobility features within CX-E empower employees to use these devices to their full business potential, boosting call completion, staff efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Smartphones have revolutionised our communications and the way we work. Our Mobile Client solution turns your iPhone or Android into your very own personal assistant, helping you manage your calls, messages and contacts and your availability and mailbox preferences.

Whether organisation-provided or leveraged via Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, smartphones have revolutionised the way we work.

Separate personal and business communications on a single device

Rather than carrying two separate devices, Mobile Client efficiently manages business communications, leaving your smartphone’s native applications to manage your personal communications. Securely manage your inbound and outbound calls, contacts, voice messages, and personal preferences, all while keeping all business communications data off of your device. All business data is stored on the application servers behind your firewall.

Single Device
Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach

The majority of people in today’s workforce have several devices and numbers, such as an office phone, softphone, a mobile phone, and a home phone. With Single Number Reach, give contacts one number and be reached wherever you are, on the device of your choice. Single Number Reach also helps you maintain and manage a single corporate voicemail inbox, rather than multiple mailboxes. CX-E makes it easy to manage communications through your business voice infrastructure to deliver your calls wherever you are, on the device of your choice.

Visual Call Screening

Visual call screening of inbound business calls

Inbound calls can pull us away from important tasks at hand, so how do we determine which calls need immediate assistance? Rather than automatically ringing your mobile phone, the Mobile Client first delivers visual identification of the incoming call so when you’re in a meeting or unavailable to speak, you can identify who is calling and determine how best to manage the call. Mobile Client allows you to accept the call, record your conversation, take a message, send the caller a personal message explaining why you can’t talk, or transfer the call to another device or another person.

Increase productivity

Manage outbound business calls

Moreover, you can also make outbound calls from your call log list, address book; or keypad. Plus, since all calls are managed and set up by CX-E, anyone with a mobile phone plan who doesn’t charge for incoming calls will reap the benefits of lowering their mobile charges by turning all calls into incoming calls.

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