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Trenitalia c2c Rail – a Unified Communications Case Study

April 29, 2020

Trenitalia c2c Limited is the train operating company that operates the Essex Thameside railway franchise. An award-winning train operator, c2c has pioneered the deployment of cutting edge technologies to improve customer experience on their services between London Fenchurch Street and Shoeburyness, serving 26 stations in East London and South Essex. In 2018 they were named Rail Operator of the Year at the National Transport Awards, and are repeatedly voted one of London’s best commuter operators. In 2017 they won the Innovation of the Year Award for their Automatic Delay Repay scheme at the National Rail Awards.

What was the requirement?

The initial requirement for a call recording solution arose during a moment of IT communications transition for c2c. The organisation made the switch from PSTN to VOIP but following the install of their new VOIP solution, the call recording piece that had been promised was unable to be delivered.

This left them with an important functionality hole in their new setup that needed to be filled quickly. It was also vital that any solution be able to slot into their new setup with minimal fuss.

Having engaged with c2c, Numonix RECITE’s call recording solution quickly emerged as a perfect fit for c2c’s pressing requirement. It also became clear that the extensive functionality RECITE offers as an interaction recording platform could be useful for other parts of their business.

RECITE’s Client Side Recorder

At its core, RECITE is a solution that looks to provide users with unique insights into employee/customer interactions by capturing content from multiple media modalities, including voice, video, screen and chat/IM. By integrating closely with an organisations existing UC setup, RECITE can be set up to sit in the background and ‘just work’, providing reliable and detailed records and analysis automatically.

In addition to the seamless integration offered by RECITE, as a result of its client side deployment it remains a system agnostic solution. This makes RECITE incredibly adaptable to any changes Trenitalia might wish to make to their IT systems moving forward, as well as differing requirements across sites, and thus protects their investment by future-proofing the solution.

Expansion beyond initial deployment

The initial need was driven by safety and compliance regulation that necessitates call recording but following the successful install, the ease of use and extensive feature set meant that conversations started around further deployments around different use cases.

In addition to the regulatory requirements, it was deemed a useful tool for capturing internal and external call information to facilitate smooth dispute resolution, as well as provide feedback and training around the quality of calls.

This has proved especially valuable where there are cases of high pressure interactions that sometimes occur, for example between staff and drivers, providing both parties with an additional layer of support and transparency in their interactions.

As well as expanding beyond the initial use case, c2c are starting to enjoy the benefits of RECITE’s rich feature set. The ability to easily tag and score interactions has improved their ability to engage in operator evaluations. The rich metadata that is captured by the system also allows users to effortlessly search and locate recordings.

The searching process is also aided by the centralised nature of RECITE. This has become vital as deployments have been rolled out to different locations across c2c’s business. Easy access to relevant interactions, where ever you are in the business, has meant current and future roll outs will be joined to the system seamlessly.

We look forward to continuing to support Trenitalia with their communications needs as they continue to expand and innovate.

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