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Text Messaging is now a well-established medium for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication, not only is it a proven marketing tool, it is also an excellent revenue generator. We first started developing SMS solutions for business over ten years ago and with the accumulated experience over that time, we are certain that our Business and Premium Text Message offerings are amongst the very best. ProcessFlows SMS solutions are now used by a wide range of customers – from patient-reminder services in doctor’s surgeries and integrations with electronic school registers for keeping an eye on truancy, to a recent high-profile premium-rate text service for a very well-known insurance broker – whatever your need, we can provide a solution.

As-a-service via the Cloud

Text Message Server


  • Reliable and secure cloud text messaging solutions
  • Available on G-Cloud CCS Framework
  • An ideal pay-as-you-go solution for business users, SMEs, clubs/groups
  • Perfect for marketing, notifications and integrating
  • Web client, Email SMS gateway, SMPP, API and more …
  • Cost savings over on-premise solutions
  • Immediate access to technology

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As an on-premise server solution


Text Message Server

  • A purpose-built corporate solution for Enterprise two-way text messaging
  • Unrivalled security
  • Reliably send out patient reminders, insurance quotes, system alerts
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Improved Data management and privacy.

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Other SMS Services

Inbound SMS – Premium Rate Numbers/Short Codes

Organisations looking to make it easier for customers to reach them can make use of Mobile Originated (MO) or Mobile Terminated (MT), inbound Text Messaging. We provide long numbers and/or 5-Digit short codes, which can be shared or unique, for use with associated key words. Customers send a text message, containing the keyword to these numbers to enter a competition, receive a service or make a payment. Short codes and long numbers are rented for a minimum period and messages can be purchased in prepaid bundles, or invoiced monthly.

Message examples:

– Text A, B or C to 12345 to Enter

– Text QUOTE and your Reg Number to 23456 to receive a Quote

– Text DONATE to 34567 to Donate £1

5-Digit short codes

– Can be chosen to suit from a huge database of available numbers

– Memorable and easy to enter, increasing the likelihood of use.

– Can be associated with a chosen keyword (mandatory with shared codes)

– Revenue charges to the customer start at 15p and increase in increments up to £5.

In addition to premium rate text messages, we can also provide unique Free Codes, whereby the service provider covers the entire cost of the communication, including the originating incoming text. This is particularly suited to charities who are providing a support service.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

These data only (text and mms) long numbers are rented annually at a very competitive rate and can be used to route sms/mms messages into a business network for seamless two-way messaging (to/from the desktop/email/automated system – an API is readily available for integration into any back-end solution)

Bulk SMS Messaging

This is an ideal service for organisations that wish to test or use SMS marketing on their customer-base, without the need to invest in an SMS gateway. We import a mobile database and cleanse it if required, then send out one or more messages, adhoc or on a regular basis, to the entire database.  For those wishing to handle Bulk Messaging in-house, we provide SMPP connectivity – see below.

SIM Hosting

ProcessFlows can host your SIM card in our dedicated SMS rack system. Incoming messages are automatically forwarded on. For example, companies based overseas can route incoming text messages sent to a UK number on to a foreign number or application. In this case, the customer only pays his/her usual cost for a message sent to a UK number.

SMPP Connectivity

Short Message Peer-To-Peer connectivity is used for exchanging SMS messages to and from back-end applications, without the need for an SMS gateway. A continuous connection to ProcessFlows’ relay servers allows for immediate communication. This is also ideal for high volume bulk messaging, where the organisation wishes to handle the database internally.

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