Message Escalation Application for Social Workers

The problems with ‘mobile working’

The nature of Social work means that staff are often away from their desks, visiting clients or in meetings. This raises a number of problems when trying to stay in contact and up-to-date with case work. Often a worker will have a desk phone and a mobile, both with their own voicemail services, which can lead to poor efficiency and the possibility of critical time-sensitive messages being missed. In addition, this can cause a lot of time-consuming manual work where records of conversations are required for case reports.

There are public cases where critical messages were not accessed which meant important information was not delivered to the relevant social care staff.

ProcessFlows can help the members of the public to reach a Social Worker more efficiently, aiming for first call resolution. In the event that a call is unanswered and routed to voicemail, this escalation application will ensure this message is not missed.

An automated and intelligent single point of contact

ProcessFlows has developed a Social Care message escalation application which solves these problems and provides a number of extra invaluable features.

Voicemail Escalation

CX-E provides a single voicemail inbox per user, which is accessible from anywhere. Users can be notified that they have received a voice mail message. Notification options include SMS, email and callout. Messages which have not been handled within a set time are automatically escalated and forwarded to the appropriate manager. This single inbox, with message escalation, ensures service level agreements are upheld and provides full traceability and accountability of all messages.

Benefits Overview using Message escalation and CX-E

  • Integrates with calendar, email, IM presence and physical location – routes calls accordingly (*additional licences may be required)
  • Works with ALL telephony platforms
  • Escalates Voicemail
  • A single number per worker – protects confidentiality
  • Full traceability and accountability of all calls and messages

More information

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