CX-E Features and Benefits


Your organisation already has telephony systems, email servers and business applications. In fact, it’s highly likely that you have a mix of telephony switches, especially if your organisation has multiple or merged offices. Most vendors require you to replace these systems before adding productivity applications. There’s one solution that works with all your systems so you can extend their life rather than replace them. That’s CX-E.


Does your company have an Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco, NEC, Nortel, Siemens or Mitel telephony system? Or maybe one of each? CX-E works with them all and it supports up to 10 switches on one system. In fact, CX-E offers integration for all the major telephony vendors — over 400 TDM, IP-PBX, and Centrex options to choose from. It’s also one of the few unified communications systems able to support multiple integrations — on a single server.


CX-E unified messaging integrates with virtually any email environment including Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, Google Gmail, IBM Notes, Novell, GroupWise, Mirapoint, and any IMAP compliant email system. And if your company uses multiple email environments, CX-E can deliver unified messaging capabilities where competitors cannot.


AVST has helped thousands of companies replace first-generation voicemail systems. CX-E provides you with a secure upgrade path without overextending. To help minimise the full cost of transitioning from an older voicemail system, CX-E is designed with these features:

  • Three decades of advanced call processing and voicemail features
  • Sophisticated system networking and global user administration capabilities for scalability and consolidation
  • Choose the TUI command structure — Octel Aria, Octel Serenade, Mitel NuPoint with Centigram interface, Nortel Meridian Mail, Avaya Intuity AUDIX, Adomo, AVST Kinesis and Repartee
  • Manage your PBX and voicemail system from a single interface
  • Add unified communications features at your own pace with modular licensing
  • Transition to IP telephony when you’re ready, with an IP future-proofing guarantee


CX-E offers the most robust call processing feature set available, including customised front-end call handling, personal menus and advanced message notification. With the CX-E automated attendant, CX-E acts as a virtual call center, routing incoming calls and providing your customers around-the-clock access to everything from pre-recorded information and faxable documents to account inquiries and survey questionnaires. It can even support these applications in a variety of different languages if your company serves a multilingual customer base. And you can create customised automated IVR systems by having callers go through menu trees to get information, which saves money and speeds up processes for your business. It’s perfect for such applications as bank by phone, account status, billing, and more.


First. Flexible. Forward-Thinking. That’s AVST. For 20 plus years, AVST has designed the most feature-rich and flexible unified messaging solution on the market. And that’s not just our opinion. That’s the appraisal of leading analysts of the unified messaging marketplace. AVST’s uniqueness is delivering all four types of unified messaging architectures: Server–based (single store), Client-based (dual store), Secure and Simplified. Choose the architecture or mix of architectures that best fits your company’s storage, access and security needs. CX-E allows administrators to deploy any type and mix of unified messaging on a system, as well as allowing a mix of unified messaging and traditional voicemail users on the same system. CX-E has the most flexible design that facilitates growth and helps manage your approach to compliance and confidentiality.


RightFax has created a competitive advantage by optimising the integration with CX-E technology. Unlike many competitive solutions, CX-E maintains a direct connector to the RightFax server, providing advanced fax application solutions not provided by other unified messaging manufacturers. It’s ideal for companies in fields with a heavy fax load and a need for top-notch security, such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, education, law and government. Two solutions are integrated with CX-E: RightFax Business Server and RightFax Enterprise Server.


Using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, the CX-E Voice User Interface (VUI) increases employee responsiveness and automates business processes. CX-E provides a VUI for your auto attendant, making it easy for your employees and customers to reach the appropriate person using simple voice commands. This interface provides reliable voice-driven call routing 24/7 to menu options such as operating hours, driving directions, and a corporate directory.

And the VUI provides employees the ability to get things done wherever they are — driving, at the airport, even in places without an Internet connection. For instance, you can take calls and manage voice, fax and email messages on a cell phone while driving to work, all in a completely hands-free mode. Voice-activated management simplifies the task and ensures continued productivity — and complies with the hands-free cell phone laws enacted in many states and countries.


“What would you like to do?” Make your work life easy with Atom, a fresh take on the personal assistant. Think of Atom as a Siri for the enterprise. It acts as a speech-enabled 24/7 office manager that understands the context of any given situation. It knows your location: from geo-awareness within a mobile client or by sensing which Wi-Fi network is near. It also checks your presence status on Skype for Business (Lync). It views your calendar and IM presence. It uses this information to determine the best way to process incoming calls. If your presence is in “do not disturb,” Atom routes incoming calls to voicemail. Atom is in sync with your calendar and can notify callers of your availability. It’s the perfect solution to keep you productive while on the go.


Contacting your customers has never been so easy. Now it’s easy to be proactive in communicating to your customers, whether you want to contact 20, hundreds or thousands of people. NotifyXpress is an application you can add on to CX-E for effective broadcast notification. With NotifyXpress, you can record and deliver messages efficiently — everything from appointment reminders to schedule changes to emergency message notification. You can even personalise the information by customer.

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