The Complete WAN Printing Solution

Manage EVERYTHING with ONE server

  •  Maximum Performance and Redundancy
  •  Streamlined Driver Management
  •  Fewer Support Calls
  •  Complete Cost Control and Accounting
  •  Minimal Print Traffic

Cirrato One is the industry-shaping Single Server Printing solution that offers multi-site organisations complete print management with reduced IT footprint. One server manages up to 30,000 print queues with minimal bandwidth use, eliminating the need for all other print servers. Print whenever and where ever you need – at the lowest possible cost.


Cirrato One™ and its various add-ons come with a host of features that can help infrastructure/network, operations/support, and the business gain control, save time and reduce cost.


Consolidate print servers, minimise print-related WAN traffic and reduce administration costs – with improved printing speed and reliability.

In traditional environments, each time you print, the entire file is sent from the desktop to a print server, and then from the print server to the printer. As a result – even if the printer is next to you – the job might be sent twice across the network.

To avoid heavy network traffic, organisations with multiple locations need to invest considerable resources in operating and maintaining a fleet of local print servers.

With Cirrato Single Server Printing, this problem goes away: all print jobs are sent directly from the client to the printer. Using tiny messages to communicate with all network clients and print resources, Cirrato assures that printing works. It is the only print management device you need, even in a global network.

Management and Support

Manage a global printing fleet – including USB printers – in a transparent tree-structure, update drivers across the organisation on-the-fly and effectively support your fleet using proactive problem resolution tools with multi-language support.

The Cirrato server maps, in real-time, a tree structure (down to individual office or floor level) where printers and queues can be added, removed or managed and drivers updated.

The driver management interface lets you upload or remove a driver across your entire organisation (including all desktops and operating systems) with a few clicks.

End users can easily search for and install any printer on to their desktop. Cirrato will automatically make sure that the correct driver is used.

Support is done through Cirrato’s powerful web-based, multi-lingual support interface. It lets you proactively discover and solve problems, move jobs between queues and message end users when you do – often before end users notice and all in their own language.

Cost and Waste Control

Cirrato has a rich set of functions that scale across the enterprise, reduce costs and help save the environment.

Cirrato Single Server Printing can help reduce print related cost. While Cirrato improves reliability, offers full reporting and accounting, and increased control over printer and driver inventory, its functions are highly scalable and easily turned on or off.

For example, roll out Follow Print only in departments where sensitive information is printed, or where cost savings can be made from removing local USB printers. Or, introduce print rules for certain document types, jobs exceeding a certain page count or in specific office locations.

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