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Making the most of your Print/Scan investment

Print is a big part of any organisation’s overheads. Almost every office has a number of printers and maybe one or more Multi-Function print/scan/fax devices. Left un-checked, these devices can quickly become money-pits. The cost of materials alone can be huge and often the investment in hardware is wasted, with only a small sub-set of the features being used.

Building on our experience with electronic fax, ProcessFlows has created a portfolio of print and scan solutions designed to reduce cost, enhance capability, bring full auditing capabilities and reduce administration.

“Actively managing office print can lead to a reduction of 10% – 30% in recurring spending on document output” – Gartner

We are the UK’s leading fully independent distributor of Print Management solutions

There is no one solution that will meet the requirements of every organisation and there are a number of key players in the UK market. According the latest IDC report, Equitrac and SafeCom from Kofax still dominate the global share of the market (nearly 60%) but solutions from the likes of Papercut and Ysoft are performing well and growing their presence.

All of the available solutions assure a remarkable decrease in print costs, environmental benefits and improved document security, but it is very important to ascertain which solution will work best in your environment.

Our Portfolio of Print and Scan Solutions

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Print Management

Elatec Card Readers – Elatec Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

ePRINTit – Flexible and convenient cloud printing

Equitrac – The World Leader in Print Management

EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform – All-in-one print infrastructure

EveryonePrint Mobile – Industry leading mobile print software

Output Manager – Transparency and control of your entire print fleet

Print Dashboards – Gain a better understanding of your print fleet and usage

SafeCom – Easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy print management

UniPrint Infinity – Cloud based print management


AutoStore – Advanced capture, processing and routing of documents

ControlSuite – Manages, secures and governs your documents through unified printing, scanning and workflow processes

eCopy ShareScan – Capture the data in paper documents easily and securely

Power PDF – The perfect PDF software for business users providing a convenient, accurate and simple solution.

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ProcessFlows is not tied to any one supplier, we have the right solution for your needs, regardless of your infrastructure and hardware. To help us guide you towards the best solution for your business please complete and submit the form.

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