Risk Management


A risk management system
tailored to your needs.

Risk management that is scorable, scalable and centralised

The ability to understand and manage your company or firms risk is more important than ever.

The Mitigate system allows you to manage risk with data-driven insights and a powerful and innovative risk and risk mitigation scoring mechanism. By making the process of risk management transparent and consistent, Mitigate can become a force for cultural change.


Mitigate’s innovative Urgency to Mitigate calculator makes meaningful granular scoring of risks possible

Once a number of risks have been identified, it is essential to understand what the implications of these risks are.

Mitigate gives you the ability to meaningfully score risks in a way that is consistent and transparent. This creates a data-driven tool to organise, prioritise and review risk management strategies.

How does it work?

The UTM calculator takes values for the likelihood and potential impact of a risk and combines these to create a single comparable UTM score.

These scores can then be used to order the importance of these risks when planning mitigation strategies. Post mitigation scores can then be used to evaluate the successes and shortcomings of these deployed strategies.


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An Essential Tool for Managing and Understanding Risk and Risk Mitigation

Powerful Data Presentation and Analytics

Follow trends and map changes to risks and mitigation strategies over time. This will allow you to incorporate valuable data-driven insights to help drive your risk management strategies.

A Force for Cultural Change

By unifying risk registers, standardising the scoring and language used around risk, and making the process of risk management transparent, Mitigate can become a force for cultural change.

Score and Rank Risks and Risk Groups

Create an accessible platform that facilitates meaningful scoring of risk. This will allow you to see ranked risks by groups such as department, team, office or region at the touch of a button, and help to drive risk management strategies with relevant data.

Customisable Widgets and Dashboards

A fully customisable dashboard and widget system means that mitigate can be curated to meet your exact needs. Unlimited users and granular admin permission options means that Mitigate can become an important and useful tool for your whole team.

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