Fax from Oracle

Oracle solutions are designed to automate core business processes and improve the efficiency of generating data for business documents. They are not designed to distribute high-volume fax documents to customers and suppliers. As a result, many organisations revert to printing documents and exchanging them using traditional postal service, manual fax, or overnight delivery services. There is a much better way … Open Text RightFax offers robust and reliable electronic fax and document delivery directly from Oracle, enabling organisations to reduce the complexity of information delivery and further optimise Oracle investments.

Fax from Oracle with RightFax

As an Oracle Certified Partner, OpenText is the only software company in its category with a joint development relationship with Oracle. In fact, integration code for RightFax is included in Oracle products to allow for seamless integration. This extensive collaboration, testing and integration ensure that RightFax is a technologically sound solution that will provide long-term strategic value.

How can RightFax help with automating document distribution from Oracle?

Reduce document delivery costs by more than 50 percent
RightFax allows companies to send and receive business-critical documents automatically from Oracle via fax, email, or over the Internet. It eliminates the labour, printing, postage, equipment, and supply costs associated with manual faxing or mailing paper-based documents, allowing organisations to realise repeatable savings with each document delivered. In addition, intelligent Least-cost Routing, along with scheduled and Internet delivery options, can further enhance the savings potential by reducing or eliminating long-distance phone charges. For many organisations, this can equate to as much as a 50 percent savings over traditional document delivery methods.

Realise revenue more quickly
If an organisation uses traditional methods to deliver invoices and other accounts receivable documents from Oracle, it can take days or even weeks for documents to be delivered to customers, which results in high Days Sales Outstanding. By automating document distribution from Oracle with RightFax, these documents can be delivered immediately with confirmation of receipt. This eliminates the delays associated with paper-based invoicing and collections processes while improving customer service and staff efficiency. As a result, organisations can significantly accelerate revenue recognition to improve cash flow and open up credit availability.

Support corporate compliance
Manual document distribution processes place organisations at risk of breaching corporate governance and privacy-protection regulations, since manual processes cannot prevent information tampering or unauthorised access. Nor do they always provide the audit trail and electronic storage often required for compliance. RightFax transmits documents directly from Oracle as image-based, tamper-resistant PDF, or TIF documents and then stores them electronically on the fax server or secure database. In addition, RightFax provides encrypted and certified email distribution options that require passwords to access information, as well as electronic verification of receipt for authentication. Such features mitigate the risk of information being altered and provide the added layer of security and audit trail needed to support corporate compliance.

Gain productivity and efficiency while reducing errors
Electronic document distribution software is an easy way to increase staff productivity by releasing members from the time-consuming tasks of manually faxing or mailing documents. Users can send and receive documents directly at their desktops, or large batches of documents can be delivered automatically and unattended, from Oracle and other back-office applications to eliminate error-prone manual routines.

Extend Oracle and other infrastructure investments
Deploying and managing home-grown systems, complex integrations and/or manual document distribution routines to deliver documents generated in Oracle can be time and labour intensive and costly. By integrating RightFax with Oracle, organisations can build a strong framework to conduct, manage, and control business information dissemination from Oracle. Plus, RightFax can be leveraged across the organisation. It integrates with email, CRM, document management, workflow, and MFPs to make a more efficient, connected work environment. This extensibility results in a rapid payback on an affordable investment.

Fax from Oracle

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