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The RightFax Connector for Lotus Notes is an optional module for the RightFax server software, specifically designed for Notes suite, creating a unified fax and email solution that allows users to send, receive, and manage faxes directly from their Notes client. Users need virtually no training to send and receive faxes, because they will send faxes in the same fashion they send email today.

At present the RightFax connector for Lotus Notes supports up to R8.53 on the Notes server and Client.

You have the following options for integrating faxing with RightFax in your Notes system:

  • Full Mail Integration – With a full integration, the RightFax setup adds RightFax forms, sub forms, and agents to the Notes mail template to create a RightFax template. Notes users can use this template, which is known as the RightFax advanced form, to send a fax from Notes. The Domino server composes outgoing faxes and stores outgoing and incoming faxes in each user’s Notes mail database. RightFax also stores outgoing and incoming faxes in its own database. A full integration also adds a special document named User Options to each user’s mail database. Users can edit their copies of this document to configure their personal fax settings.
  • Minimal Mail Integration – With a minimal integration, fax composition occurs in a fax factory database that is installed locally on the user’s computer. To send a fax, users use a basic RightFax form. The fax factory composes the fax. As in the full integration, outgoing and incoming faxes are stored in the user’s mail database and the RightFax database. The minimal integration setup adds the following new components to the user’s mail database: An agent (Actions>Fax Tools>New RightFax Document, Fax, and SMS), an agent (Actions>Fax Tools> Real-time Fax Status), one shared folder (RightFax Settings), and RightFax User Options document (located in the RightFax settings folder). For more information about a minimal mail integration, see Understanding the fax factory on page 6.
  • No Mail Integration – With no-mail integration, users send memos as faxes with the standard Notes Memo form and RightFax embedded codes that users type into the body of the memo. Faxes are moved to the Domino server by means of foreign domains that users include when addressing faxes. The RightFax databases on the Domino server route documents with fax addressing to the RightFax server. No modifications to any Notes mail template or any users’ mail databases are required. Fax documents are stored both in the RightFax database and in the user’s Notes mail database. 
  • iNotes Integration – The RightFax Lotus Notes Module supports Lotus iNotes (also called Domino Web Access) in a minimal-mail integration. This allows for fax usage via a web browser, including sending and viewing faxes, and setting advanced fax attributes.

Database synchronisation between Lotus Notes/Domino and RightFax allows unified administration of both servers. RightFax technology is uniquely designed to complement and extend Notes/Domino functionality, without drawing resources away from those critical systems and applications. By off-loading the module to a Lotus Notes client installed on RightFax server, the connector runs independently of the Domino server and its processes.

When the RightFax Notes Connector is initially installed the RightFax database is replicated onto the Domino server. This mirrored database is known as “EFM Sync Database”. This database lets Notes administrators’ access and modify RightFax settings from a Notes desktop. A bi-directional synchronisation periodically updates the RightFax or Domino server with the data and configurations from the other. EFM Sync contains the following information:

  • RightFax server and synchronisation information
  • RightFax email gateway information
  • RightFax users and groups, billing codes, cover sheets, overlay forms, and library documents.
  • Printers
  • Status reports of the RightFax server and the e-mail gateway
  • Logs of sent and received faxes processed on the RightFax server and more

RightFax Connector for Lotus Notes features include:

  • Create, send, and receive faxes directly within the Notes client using intuitive fax forms in six different localised languages.
  • Fax domain name is assignable per fax address, and can be selected by the user from among a list of existing domains supplied by the fax administrator.
  • Administer your RightFax and Lotus Notes systems from a single source with automatic synchronisation of RightFax and Notes user databases.
  • Create, store and address faxes and email all within the Lotus Notes address book or Domino Directory, retrieving contacts from Directory Assistance, LDAP, and all standard Domino sources, in one simple form.
  • Organise, manage, forward and auto-forward faxes within Notes mail.
  • Generate custom automated notifications about sent and received faxes in Notes.
  • Automated, dynamic installation allows user to specify installation type, fax domain and Notes mail template name.
  • Take advantage of iNotes full mail, minimal mail and no mail integrations.
  • Multi integration design allows multiple mail integrations in a single environment.

Below are the enhancements and new features introduced to OpenText RightFax 10.6 with the addition of the Lotus Notes update:

  • Simplified Install – Installing RightFax database files to a Domino server is condensed to a 6 step process.
  • Multi Integration Design – Dynamic RightFax design elements provide a per user mail integration setting, thus allowing multiple mail integrations in a single environment.
  • Support for Notes R7 and R8 – Includes full support for R7 and R8 mail file designs and inbound and outbound faxing via RightFax from R7 and R8 Notes and iNotes clients. Legacy support for R6.5 is also available.
  • Additional Language Support – Simplified Chinese and Japanese localisations are available with Notes clients. Note: Inbound fax routing information must contain single byte characters. Double byte characters are not supported.
  • iNotes Modernisation – Previous RightFax integrations with iNotes are built on R5 design elements. This update provides iNotes and Domino Web Access interface support for versions R6.5, R7 and R8.
  • Support for IP-Based Phone Systems – Advanced FoIP integration with Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel, and Avaya.

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