Fax over IP

Transitioning from a physical hard wired world to a virtual IP environment has been taking place for some years.

Taking it one step further, companies that are building or expanding their IP infrastructures can benefit from the consolidation of voice, fax, and data on a single, common resource. The result is significant cost savings, reduced administrative time, and increased security and compliance.

Superb Business Case for IP Fax Servers

Moving to Fax over IP (FoIP) can greatly improve the business case for VoIP, as the benefits are an exact ‘analogue’ of those for Voice over IP.

  • Resilience and reliability
  • Centralised control
  • Reduction in management overheads
  • Line and bandwidth cost reduction
  • Streamline business processes by automating communications

Fax is still the most reliable point to point document delivery solution there is.

This is not faxing via the Internet, but it is cheap IP faxing

Looking at the old fax estate in many organisations, and you will see

  • Expensive telephone lines
  • Old Fax machines using energy, paper and toner, (not exactly green)
  • Servers and cables cluttering the Comms equipment room
  • Paper everywhere
  • Remote offices faxing each other

IP Fax is a virtual fax server, serving multiple locations centrally, linking the desktop with the outside world for inbound and outbound fax.

Start automating to save real money

An IP Fax Server is an on-ramp for those paper documents people wander around with in their hand, and fax enabled multi-function devices start the flow of ‘paper to electronic’ rather than the other way round.

How many faxes are printed before people scan them?

The OpenText RightFax Fax over IP server includes built in and automatic scanning and routing for ProcessFlows’ OCR solutions, and once things are electronic, it is straightforward to automate information flow around the building.

The benefits of using the world’s most popular Fax Server:


Experience: The market-leading fax server with thousands of installations worldwide has been continually developed over the last 31 years

Flexibility: The ability to support IP and fixed telephony environments for peace of mind

Migration path: IP ready, means companies not ready for fax over IP can still generate the ROI

Partnerships with IP Telephony Vendors: Certified integrations with Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Dialogic, Nortel and others

Fax Integration for [Unified Messaging and Communications]: Direct inbound delivery to email (MS Outlook, IBM/Lotus Notes, SMTP) for mobile workers with smartphones

Integrations with business applications and MFPs: RightFax has certified integrations with leading business applications, including Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, and MFP vendors. Such tight integrations ensure OpenText solutions can be leveraged across the organisation to streamline document delivery, improve productivity, and reduce costs.


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