Document Imaging Extraction

Unlock your image database

Documents locked away in isolated legacy document imaging systems (such as Ricoh eCabinet, Hummingbird, Filenet and Xerox DocuImage) are of no use to your business unless they are easy to find and control.

The legacy data contains vital information. It is your legal proof and insurance for the future.

We can help to set your data free – even if it is stored in an old format and/or in a document management system no longer supported by the vendor.

We provide new ‘open architecture’ imaging solutions to meet your business needs.

Imagine this problem

Your legal team receive an allegation from a historic supplier that an invoice was never paid. They are now taking you to court for non-payment and claiming interest. At the time, all POs, invoices and remittance advices were stored in a stand-alone system that is no longer in use.

You still have the system, but nobody remembers how to use it, it is not integrated with any other line of business system and data is in an old non-standard format. It is going to be difficult to find the proof!

Accessing proprietary images is what we do

  • Some Document Imaging companies, instead of upgrading their document imaging, will want to charge their customers for brand new systems.
  • That’s bad enough, but even worse is if you can’t access the images in the old database – because they’re stored in a proprietary storage format.
  • We use extraction techniques to grab the data and then put all these system documents onto a DVD in a format that allows people to use them.

Many of the document imaging systems procured at departmental level in the mid 80’s are now sitting in the corner of the office, probably unrecognised by most.

They were sold by keen sales people who convinced Managers that “Document imaging is the future.” Organisations ended up with a collection of stand-alone, non-networked devices which did not conform to any standardised format.

But they are retained because they hold thousands (or even millions) of documents which have to be kept for compliance reasons or because they may “just be needed at some point in the future” – but information is of no use to your business unless you can access it and maintaining an old system purely as an archive/storage does not make economic sense.

The alternative to our services is to re-scan the whole historical body of documents into your new system – always presuming they’re still in the physical archive and have not been shredded. A vast expense in terms of money and effort.

We believe the demand for migrations from legacy Document Imaging Systems (DIP) systems is therefore growing.

Organisations want to maintain a centralised repository and take advantage of their existing investment – putting everything into single applications like MS SharePoint or current state-of-the art open standards ECM solutions.

More information

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