Legacy Data Migration & Recovery

If you don’t have the ability to extract your legacy document images and convert them into an up to date format, or have no idea how to reinstate corrupted image data, we can help!

Even if you’ve lost your image index/meta data, all may not be lost, as we can re-extract crucial key indexing data back from the image itself.

Data Migration

The need for data migration – the process of importing legacy data into new media/formats – usually comes about because organisations change their computer systems or because data has become corrupted.

Legacy Data

Whatever type of legacy data and old system you have, if you want to extract the data or recreate corrupted data and import it into another system, it can be problematic.

Data quality, data design, data architecture and internal rules/policies/security all need to be taken into consideration when embarking on such a project.

It could be as simple as extracting the data using proprietary software to convert it into an up-to-date format that can easily be imported into new systems. Alternatively, it may require processing using a specialist conversion program, or even have to go through several complex exporting and importing procedures.

Click here for more on Legacy Data Migration.

Corrupt Data Recovery

Maybe the metadata relating to the images contained in legacy imaging systems, imaging databases, fax servers and scanned images of documents in document management systems has become corrupted, which means you have lost search functionality.

We can extract and capture at source the corrupted image files and the metadata, then recombine the data sources ready for re-import, or for import into a new system, so they can once again be searched, opened, viewed and understood.

Click here for more on Data Recovery from Legacy Imaging Systems.

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