Benefits of Modern Sales Order Process

If your sales order process is manual and weak then your business will be at a disadvantage and result in underperforming and unreliable operations as well as poor customer experiences. Here are some of the key benefits of modernising, digitising and automating your sales order process:

Faster more reliable Quote to Cash process with competitive advantage
Whilst Sales order processing is only 1 part or the Quote/ Order to Cash process it’s the beginning. Delays and errors here cascade down the process and ultimately mean delays to cash coming and other issues. A fully digitised and automated sales order process is more reliable, it removes risk, delays and errors not just in the sales order process but across the entire Order to Cash process. Basic tasks such as Data entry, connecting and updating internals workflows and systems, notifications internally & externally, checks and approvals can also be completed automatically. Exceptions can handled automatically or passed to a service desk to be handed efficiently in a governed manner.

Operational efficiencies
Manual and repetitive processing and data entry of orders is highly inefficient and subject to errors meaning valuable resource is wasted instead of supporting added value, customer or strategically important tasks. Digital and automated processes remove manual and repetitive tasks. For more complex sales order processes, unstructured data such as customer correspondence and contracts can be easily incorporate and linked to systems, structured data and other business processes to breakdown operational and data silos. The end result is that sales order processing costs can be reduced by up to 80% (Logistic Management).

Improved Data Accuracy
Manual processes mean high error rates. Automated processes remove this risk through straight through automation or data capture. Unstructured data can be handle more reliably through intelligent automation and machine learning technologies. Customer or internal data entry can be validated or pulled in real-time, partial or fully automated all together ie look-ups, addresses, part numbers, pricing etc. Any result or process showing degrees of uncertainty can be passed to an automated workflow or service desk for exception handling. All this means lower errors at the start and more graceful and rapid resolutions when they do occur.

Better Visibility and control
Digital processes can be fully tracked and managed more easily – Performances vs KPI reported in real-time, bottlenecks and issues in order processing can be detected and addressed immediately. Digital processes can manage checks, approvals and be recovered more quickly and easily in the case of an exception.

Inventory Management
An automated sales order processing system can give a better view of actual pipeline rather than just sales opportunities. Forecasting and potential stock issues can be highlighted based on trends and actual orders in the pipeline. Real-time visibility through connected systems means interventions, failed orders, cancellation can be prevented in advance.

Improved customer experience
Automated and digital sales order processes give a vastly superior customer experience – from an intuitive and personalised order process through less issues or uncertainly through timely updates or notifications. Issues can be pre-empted and deal. Customer portals and integrated Service desks backed with automation can handle queries and request much more quickly and reliably to prevent or recover from negative experiences.

Unlock your workforce potential & happiness
Dealing with customer complaints, manual and repetitive tasks as well as issues that should really happen is really quite demotivating. An effective and efficient sales order process support removes the internal challenges and focuses your business and operations on your customers, growth. It’s much more rewarding and drives better individual performances as well as attracts and retains the best talent.

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