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ProcessFlows Launches Nuance’s Output Manager and AutoStore

January 22, 2018

ProcessFlows, a Software, Solutions and Outsourced Services company, is pleased to announce the next wave of innovative print management solutions.

ProcessFlows is strengthening its portfolio via the addition of two more of Nuance’s print management solutions, AutoStore and Output Manager.

The solutions, whether combined or singular, have the potential to bring organisations in line with compliance regulations while also enabling departments to cut costs and increase efficiency. AutoStore does this via documents processing automation, while Output Manager is a secure print management solution.

Tim Muckart, Sales Director at ProcessFlows says of the launch: “We have distributed Nuance Solutions for 7 years, gradually taking on new products when opportunities arise. Our partners have been asking us to distribute AutoStore for a long time, so as soon as Nuance agreed for ProcessFlows to take on the Distribution we grabbed the chance.

AutoStore is a market leading offering, sitting perfectly with Equitrac, SafeCom and eCopy. Our partners’ customers are becoming more and more aware of what else multi-function printers/devices are capable of; a device without capture and workflow is pointless. AutoStore delivers capture and workflow directly from the devices into HR, Accounts, document management or healthcare systems (to name a few), optimising the investment and ultimately optimising managed print.

As part of the extension to our contract with Nuance, we have also taken on the distribution of Output Manager. A hidden gem in the Nuance portfolio, I find it astonishing that in the world of compliance and GDPR managed print partners don’t know about Output Manager. It takes print security to a whole new level, where the content of the print is scrutinised and actions taken automatically. An example might be recognising if a member of staff has tried to print (by accident or deliberately) a document that contains credit card information. Output Manager can be set up to identify credit card information and redact the sensitive information, plus notify the user and potentially management what has happened.

The sales opportunity of Output Manager is massive; we want to help our partners educate their customers as to how they can protect themselves from compliance/security breaches.

Selling MFPs without secure print, workflow and business intelligence is crazy. We want to make sure we have the products, support and implementation expertise to help our partner community continue to be successful.”

For over 30 years, ProcessFlows has delivered innovative and business enhancing software solutions, creating not just a wealth of experience, but also a highly-skilled team of business consultants and analysts.

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