The Benefits of Process Management

The specific benefits of digital Process Management best practice will vary from project to project. Here is a brief overview of the possible benefits of embracing digital Process Management best practice:

end to end control

Continuously achieve greater performances & remove inefficiencies

BPM solutions underpin and enforce efficient digital processes and therefore operations – there should be little room for mistakes, queries and delays and if there are any then these should be handled efficiently according to a defined process. Processes are continuous monitored against KPIs for continuous improvement opportunities which may include automation, process optimisation etc.

Minimize Business Risks

Reduce risk and improve compliance, governance & end to end control

BPM principles and solutions enforce a greater level of control and governance over processes. Procedures documented and rules can be applied, Exceptions handled efficiently, tracking and reporting enforced. Non-compliance can be prevented and also monitored. Security layers hardened through user-based access control. There is less chance of mistakes and if they do happen procedures and checks should pick them up. Certainly for critical business process it makes sense having the security and governance of BPM practices and solutions

know your customers

More informed, Data-lead decisions faster supports Business Agility & customer satisfaction

BPM promotes the 360° control of processes allow real-time status checking, bottlenecks visibility and alerts as well as performance monitoring vs process KPIs & SLAs. In addition to supporting efficient operations, these BPM principles of process tracking and monitoring support faster more informed decision making as well as better customer experiences.

unlock opportunities

 Remove complexity, simplify and focus on business priorities

Business processes can become so complex as they transcend systems and departmental silos they become more unmanageable and difficult to control and untangle. BPM best practices enforce oversight, mapping and control so that business processes remain managed, can be optimised or in the case that they are a mess, can be re-engineered. BPM solutions also typically excel at integrating with various 3rd party systems through connectors and also documented procedures.

responsive business agility

Align Processes to business priorities

Part of the discovery assessment is understanding the business and aligning processes to business priorities backed with KPIs. This ensures business priorities and oversight transcends key processes rather than being lost at the door of each department. All of this helps operations focus on driving the business rather than just managing it.

Innovation and transformation enabler

BPM principles and solutions offer a strong foundation and governed approach to innovation such as technology enabled transformation. It forces businesses to embrace true transformation across people, process and technology in a structured manner rather than just the latest technology.

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