The Challenge of Transforming Operational Processes

A Process Discovery Assessment is a powerful tool to base sustainable change and transformation. It’s quite incredible but the majority of business transformation projects fail to live up to expectations.

Transforming operations isn’t easy and involves risks that needs to be offset and managed carefully. Most importantly, true business transformation and real innovation – the kind that delivers new customer experiences and performance levels or achieves new levels of efficiency, requires a structured approach to deliver the results.

In our 33 year history of successfully helping businesses to transform and innovate, we have found that transforming operational processes is never a simple case of buying some cloud service or new technology.

An astonishing 70% of Business transformation projects fail.



In KPMG’s Global Transformation Study, 53% said they’re not sure their efforts will deliver their intended value in the long term!

Only 4%

of companies measure and manage their documented processes – (

Up to 30%...

Companies lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. – IDC.

Process Discovery Assessment – Our Approach to transformation

  • We have developed a formal Business Process Discovery assessment to help understand, plan and deliver sustainable process transformation and innovation with every customer. Our Discovery Assessments are typically carried out by a qualified Business Process Analyst.
  • Typical areas covered include strategic and project objectives through to operational procedures and specifics such as SLA notifications, rules, interactions between systems and humans.
  • The end result of a Process Discovery Assessment should be an accurate view of the “as-is ”situation, identified gaps, as well as a recommendations of  “to be” state which will include aspirational processes and designs.
  • A Process Discovery is all about fact finding and best practice change and process management. It is a necessary foundation of any successful project.
  • The result is a comprehensive Statement Of Requirements (SOR) to form and guide any Statement of Works (SOW), Proposal or Proof of Concept prototype .

Process Discovery Assessment – Key Features & Principles

Our Process Discovery assessment is based on the following key principles and foundation for successful transformation:

Understanding Business context, plans and aspirations

Understanding & Mapping operational process and relations with people and systems in detail

Identifying gaps to address and exploring possibilities and opportunities in a structured and transparent manner with the customer.

Any recommendations are based on a detailed understanding of the customers’ business and their operations, their business goals and priorities, the latest market and industry trends and best practice, Technology and process expertise.

Open acceptance of any proposals backed with a business and implementation plan, a project managed delivery and implementation using our expert teams and best practice processes

Once a project is transitioned to support and “Business As Usual”, our continuous improvement programme seeks to continuously unlock new value in partnership with each customer

Our approach and support for every step of your transformation journey

Our Process Discovery assessment is part our commitment to partnering and supporting customers with every step of their  transformation journey – from creating a vision and plan through to project managed development, implementation, transition as well as continuous improvement and support.

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Where to use a Process Discovery

We use our Process Discovery approach to understand, design and delivering sustainable operational change. Here are some examples and operations where we always start with a Process Discovery Assessment.

Business Process Management and Automation Use Cases

1. Digital Mailroom

Digitise inbound and outbound communications to complete your transition to a digital workplace.

2. Quality Management

Manage quality processes, policies and checks to stay compliant and safe across your operations.

3. Contract Management

Digitise and streamline contract management processes and enforce compliance.

4. Case Management

Centralise the management of case and incident information and processing.

5. Claims Management

Centralise the management and processing of claims and enforce handling procedures.

6. Human Resources

Simplify and centralise the management of employee documents, records and HR-related processes as well as enforce compliance.

7. Project Management

Manage project lifecycle and associated documents and workflows from initiation to close, removing risk and increases performances.

8. Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Onboard & manage your suppliers, manage procurement, spend and payments in a compliant and timely manner.

9. Quote to Cash

Efficient and effective quoting and contracting through to invoicing and receiving any monies owed.

10. Customer Service

Deliver exceptional and personalised customer experiences and support – all at lower costs that flex with your needs and volumes.

11. Facilities Management

Efficient and governed management of FM requests, tasks, assets, processes and compliance.

12. IT

Efficient and effective management of IT processes and infrastructure and the users that use them.

13. Sales Order Processing

Manage the gaps in your sales order process & ERP to ensure customer satisfaction as well as efficient and governed sales order processing.

14. Compliance Management

Ensure quality and enforce compliance by managing the process and associated documents linked to conformance and non-compliance.

15. Compliance Management

Ensure quality and enforce compliance by managing the process and associated documents linked to conformance and non-compliance.

16. Internal & External Approval Management

Legally compliant and enforceable approval digital workflows and e-signatures for either internal or external authorisations

17. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Centralise and formalise the management of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for a team, department or across the business. A still point of control and reference for employees to access the latest and common business procedures, forms, activities and tasks

18. Back Office Operations

Efficiently manage back office processes and documents while supporting compliance requirements. Smaller businesses can efficiently streamline processes associated with accounts payable, human resources, asset management, contract management, CRM, and project management

19. Custom Workflows

Can’t find what you are looking for? We also specialise in custom workflow solutions – from the Management of nationwide tree cutting process to coordinating volunteers around support needs. As an independent and leading expert in digital process automation, information management and managed service we can help. Give us a call. Our solutions and delivery teams have helped 1000s of customers in the UK with bespoke and off the shelf solutions and we partner with the leading software providers on the market– call us for a free of charge and no obligation consultation to help you find the right approach for your business

Our Customers

From global enterprises and government departments, to local small businesses, here are some of our customers that have partnered with us, using our IT & Process Discovery Assessments to transform their business operations. Click the logos to download the Case Studies.

To read all of our success stories, visit our Case Studies page.

Why ProcessFlows for your Business Process Transformation

We have a 33 year track record of success & expertise in Digital process optimisation, automation, IT Services as well as managed or outsourced services.

We are Microsoft Gold partners with accredited & expert people from IT Analysts and IT Architects, to Project Management, Implementation engineers as well as software developers, Service desk operations, Multi-tiered Support and service delivery managers.

A robust approach to transformation based on partnership and supporting every step of the journey from creating a vision and plan through to project managed development, implementation, transition as well as continuous improvement and support.

We are independent. We partner with leading technology providers on the market such as Kofax, Hyland, Opentext, M-Files and Microsoft. Based on these and our whole class service desk – we have also developed our Hybrid Automation as a Service platform

For these reasons and more, ProcessFlows should be your trusted partner to support your process and business transformation projects.
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