UniPrint Infinity

UniPrint Infinity is a PDF driven print management solution that optimises printer output. Delivering fast and reliable printing, UniPrint seamlessly works to improve efficiency and productivity from the cloud.

  • Centralised Management Console
    One centralised management console gives you complete control over your printing, using printer profiles to apply restrictions and track output.
  • Reduce Costs
    UniPrint Infinity can save you up to 40% of your print costs, holding users accountable resulting in significantly reduced print calls.

The Benefits of Using UniPrint Infinity

Print Profiles

Printer Profiles
Custom printer profiles can be applied giving individual users restrictions on printing.

Statistics & Archiving

Statistics & Archiving
Audit trails, individuals can be held accountable for their printing requirements.

PrintPAL Printing Mapping

PrintPAL Printing Mapping
Print mapping ensures users are aligned with the appropriate printer.

Centralised Management Console
UniPrint provides a central control panel to manage individual access, features and restrictions.

PDF Conversion and Compression

PDF Conversion and Compression
Print traffic is routed through the most efficient path, in some cases reducing bandwidth by over 90%.

Visual Call Screening

UniPrint Vault Mobile App
The app can release print jobs, allowing users to print from their mobile devices using secure QR codes.

Client Session Printing

Client Session Printing
Enabling users to print directly from their local printer within a remote session.

Virtual Print Queue

Virtual Print Queue
Users can manage their print queue within a remote session.


UniPrint is one of the most versatile print driver platforms on the market, compatible with almost any device, allowing users to print at their convenience.

  • Cloud
  • VDI
  • Server-based
  • Mobile
  • Server-less
  • Traditional environment
UniPrint Infinity

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