Cost control, confidentiality and improved document handling

Waste, rising costs and security risks are common headaches in traditional printing environments. The problems are easy to see – unclaimed print-outs lying near the printer waiting to be picked up and read by the wrong people. Or many private desktop printers, scattered around the office, which drain the budget with their high ink and maintenance costs.

With the right tools, companies can rapidly reduce their print costs by over 30% whilst ensuring document security and improving document handling at the same time

Luckily, it’s not difficult to put a stop to wasteful printing. Kofax SafeCom Smart Printing is an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy print management solution that targets common problem areas – by assisting companies to:

  • Optimise the printer fleet – Reduce number of printers
  • Influence user printing behaviour – Optimise duplex and colour printing
  • Drastically reduce paper/toner usage – Pull Printing and print rules
  • Strengthen IT print management – Centralise administration of users and devices
  • Establish confidential printing – Authentication and Pull Print
  • Simplify document handling – Print anywhere, scan and share documents

Optimise the printer fleet

Kofax SafeCom Smart Printing™ enables companies to reduce the number of required printers and bring down operational costs.

Pull Print and Authentication turns network printers into personal printers, allowing companies to consolidate and rid themselves of assorted desktop devices. Users send their print and go to any network printer to authenticate and retrieve it.
Manage printing and print safely

SafeCom Smart Printing™ is the solution most companies need to manage, control, optimise and secure their daily printing activities by providing:

  • Central Administration of users, services and devices to optimise IT operations and support
  • Essential Tracking to continuously monitor print activity, pin-point problem areas up-front, fine tune and optimise even more
  • Access Control by adding Authentication at the printer to protect devices from unauthorised use of print, scan and fax functionalities
  • Confidential Printing because Authentication with Pull Print ensures that prints are always delivered only into the right hands
  • A modular approach offering a wide suite of flexible modules and add-ons to create the exact solution you need today – with expansion options for tomorrow

Reduce consumable usage and waste

SafeCom Pull Print and Rule Based Printing functionalities eliminate those piles of unclaimed prints, reduce toner usage, and promote sustainable printing – together saving your company 30% or more.

Users decide what they output

With SafeCom Pull Print, users decide which print jobs to print or delete. In combination with auto-deletion of forgotten print jobs, this can reduce paper and toner costs by up to 15%.

Motivate and manage

SafeCom Rule Based Printing enable management of changes in user behaviour through optimisation of duplex and colour printing usage – reducing waste and saving up to 15%.

Up and running in a single day

SafeCom Smart Printing is a simple, affordable, and easy-to-deploy solution. It’s a solution devoid of extensive analyses undertakings, budget-breaking consultancy costs, or resource draining IT integration projects. Why? Because it is:

  • Modular and ready to install in multi-vendor environments. The modular approach is based on building blocks of highly versatile and advanced print management tools and allows you to pay as you grow your Smart Printing solution.
  • Vendor independent due to innovative, contemporary and flexible back-end technologies, such as the Smart Printer Driver that ensures output is delivered as expected no matter the device or model.

Improve document handling and efficiency

Save time and print more conveniently

Pull-Print and Authentication allow you to retrieve your prints when convenient – either just down the hall or at a remote office abroad. No more print and sprint after every print job to get your documents before they are lost or gathered by someone else.
Send your prints all morning and output them in one go after lunch. Mobile Print lets you send your prints while on the road from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Scan-to-folder made easy

The SafeCom Smart Scan functionality provides simple and efficient scan-to-folder without traditional methods that strain the email server or require complex server log-on protocol at the MFP.

Smart Scan lets users easily scan and later access all their own scanned documents through either a web browser or the Smart Scan Client on their PC.

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